WHS Muslim Student Association: A New Club Allowing Diversity to Grow Even More at WHS


Sharmeen Kashif '24, Contributing Writer

Generally, a Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an association that includes religious, social and educational activities brought together by Muslim students. It’s usually an extracurricular club that can be found in pretty much any high school or college in many cities across the country. There had been an MSA around at WHS for many years in the past. Since the club had gotten less active to a point where it pretty much shut down, a group of Muslim students at WHS decided to start it again.

WHS junior Noor Osmany, the club officer, shares the goal of the MSA at WHS: “The Muslim Student Association is an organization focused on bringing Muslim students together and creating a more accepting place at WHS by sharing our culture and religion…When we’re not planning for events, we’re brainstorming for future projects and fundraisers.”

The MSA recently hosted their first-ever iftaar—a meal eaten after a day of fasting during Ramadan—on April 7, 2023, in which WHS staff, students, and others from surrounding towns were invited to Yusra Venues in Westborough. Ramadan is the holiest month for Muslims when they abstain from food and water from before the time of sunrise until sunset. There was a speech given at the event that gave more insight into the practices and teachings of Ramadan as well as a recitation from some verses of the holy book, the Quran. The members of the MSA contributed to preparing the dishes from places like Egypt, Pakistan, India, setting up the hall, and cleaning up after the iftaar.

When asked about future plans for the club, Osmany says, “I’m hoping to carry out a lot of inter-club activities such as a cultural clothes day, where we can all wear our cultural clothes to school, and a fun twist on “Secret Santa” for the end of the year. Additionally I would love to do some fundraising for charities aiding in problems that have occurred in the Middle East such as the flooding in Pakistan.”

Non-Muslims are also more than welcome to join and support the club. The MSA meets every other Wednesday after school in room B-325. 

For more information, contact Noor Osmany ([email protected]) or Ms. A ([email protected]