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Why Eating Breakfast Can Change Your Whole Day For The Better

Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

Some might find it hard to wake up early enough to make breakfast, but the benefits breakfast has on students in high school are tremendous.

Have you started to feel yourself becoming more tired, falling asleep in class or wanting to leave school during the day? These side effects might be from not having a meal in the morning to fuel your day. Having a balanced meal in the morning balances your glucose levels and boosts your energy along with alertness. Without carbohydrates, fatty acids are only partially oxidized, which can reduce your energy levels.

Only 35% of people have some sort of breakfast per day. What are these benefits and why are they worth it?

According to, eating breakfast:

-Improves Concentration and Focus
-Helps Manage Your Appetite
-Improves Academic Performance
-Boosts Your Immune System
-Helps you make better food choices

As a result from this research, I went around WHS and asked some students and teachers a couple of questions. When asking junior Caitlyn Reitsma, a varsity swimmer, if she eats breakfast she quickly responded with “no.” I asked her why and if this effects her swimming performance, and she said “no, because I make sure to have a protein bar before my events.”

Along side Reitsma, Mrs. Renda, a student teacher from Framingham State Univserity, also gave her response. “I don’t like breakfast, but sometimes I make a green juice when I’m at home, usually eating early makes me feel sick,” Mrs. Renda commented.

This seems to be a common theme among people: it doesn’t feel good to eat breakfast very early in the morning, and it isn’t in a lot of people’s morning routines.

Here are some tips to implement breakfast into your mornings:

-Start small (Hard boiled eggs, yogurt, fruit and peanut butter, etc.)
-Make protein shakes
-Eat with someone in your family in the morning, together so you both can eat!
-This can be a good time to talk about your day ahead and to maybe relieve some stress which could be causing you to not eat in the morning. Anxiety before school could be contributing to not having a large appetite.
-Talk it through!
-Grab your siblings and tell them what you are having for breakfast.

You are essentially “waking up” your metabolism by having breakfast in the morning. Which will ultimately lead to a better day and better habits. Do you want to feel better during the day? More energized, happier, more social? Consider implementing a healthy breakfast into your day following these tips!

Sources Used:’the,nutrients%20required%20for%20good%20health

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