Sports Opinion: This is The Year of the Boston Bruins

Drew Gray '23, Co-Editor

Maybe it’s because I’m mainly a basketball fan and I don’t pay much attention to hockey, but what the Boston Bruins are doing this season is impossible to ignore. At 49-8-5, they are 8 games ahead of any team in the National Hockey League (NHL). Additionally, they’ve accumulated 103 points and reached 100 points in just 61 games, a new NHL record. This achievement came during the Bruins current 10 game winning streak.

Obviously, these team statistics speak for themselves. However, there are also some individual statistics that reinforce just the kind of run this team is on right now. 

Goalie Linus Ullmark is leading the league in goals against average, save percentage, and wins. Star forward David Pastranak is second in the league in goals scored and total points. 

So, after hearing all these statistics you’re probably thinking “Wow, that is impressive”: as most everyone is. This team is on a historic tear by beating each team on their schedule with ease. When even your goalie is scoring a goal, that’s when you know your season is going well.

Outside of the stats, in watching this team, I can clearly tell why they are so successful. They move the puck so fluidly. When they reach their offensive zone, especially on the power play, the defensemen are quick to make decisions and provide the forwards good opportunities for shots on goal. It is also clear to me that this team, after having multiple opportunities at winning a second Stanley Cup since 2011, is hungry for this year to finally be the year. 

Since winning in 2011, they have played in two Stanley Cups: in 2013 where they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks and in 2019 when they lost to the St. Louis Blues. The past two years they made it deep into the playoffs finishing in the semi-finals in the Eastern Conference. 

Overall, I feel that this is going to be the year that the Boston Bruins finally bring home another Stanley Cup. The cohesiveness and team chemistry this year is better than ever and going into Patrice Bergeron’s likely final year in the black and gold. It is only fitting that he hoists the cup for the final time while all of Boston celebrates.