10 Tips to Stay Motivated


Shannon Clark '23, Co Editor in Chief

Feeling especially stressed out recently or need a spark of motivation to keep you going? Try some of these tips to brighten your day.

  1. Journal

Have zillions of thoughts swirling around and popping up in your brain? Try writing them down in a journal. Whether it is a structured place or a chaotic brain dump, journaling can help you articulate your thoughts and give you a place for them instead of storing them in your mind letting them build up. Using different colored pens for different thoughts, drawing pictures, and writing in bullets are all different techniques to try to find the most effective way to journal for you.

  1. Dressing Up

Though it may seem like more work than is useful, wearing nicer clothes or your favorite outfit can help raise your confidence instantly, reminding you how valuable and amazing you are. It can even be as simple as wearing a favorite pair of earrings or a new pair of shoes. Adding something special to your look will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated, setting you up for a successful day.

  1. Cleaning 

An action dreaded by most, cleaning is actually proven to help clear your mind. Cluttered spaces like your room, car, or backpack can add to your overall stress level without you even realizing it. Tidying up allows there to be more structure in your life, helping add stability back into a stressful time.

  1. Doing Something Nice for Someone Else

How will doing something for someone else make you feel better? Well by helping someone else, you will feel proud of yourself for making someone else’s day better, consequently making you feel better yourself. Not only that, but that person will appreciate you, again sending positive vibes your way.

  1. Writing Things You’re Grateful For

It may feel like you don’t have much you’re grateful for, but finding even just five things, moments, or people in your life that you appreciate will brighten your mood. Similarly, if you are being hard on yourself, write down as many things as possible that you love about yourself: tangible or not. Reciting this list will help you appreciate yourself more and be kinder to yourself.

  1. Do Something Nice for Yourself

Treat yourself to an iced coffee from Dunkin, watch an extra episode of your favorite TV show, or have a self-care night (whatever that looks like for you!). Do something out of the ordinary that adds a special bit to your day.

  1. Schedule something to look forward to

You might not have time today, but set up a time to meet your friend for coffee on the weekend! Can’t make schedules work in person? FaceTime to catch up! Prefer alone time? Take yourself out on a solo date by going to a sports game or going shopping! Whatever it is, have something you are looking forward to each week, no matter how big or small.

  1. Therapy

Therapy can be extremely helpful to clear the mind. Talking to a trained professional who is required to keep confidentiality allows you to be completely open with how you feel and talk things out. Similar to journaling, this is a place for you to express your thoughts without judgment instead of keeping them in your head.

  1. Exercise

This isn’t for everyone, but oftentimes working out is a great way to calm the mind. Whether that is lifting weights for a personal record, sprinting up hills, going for a long run, or doing yoga, moving one’s body reeps physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Exercise releases chemicals in your brain that check the satisfaction area of the brain, and leave you feeling content.

  1. Complimenting Other People

Similar to doing something nice for someone else, complimenting other people makes you feel good. Seeing someone else smile causes you to smile, which chemically releases happiness hormones in your body. Plus, there’s nothing better than seeing your friends happy. 


No matter how challenging life is, know there is always something to be happy about, if not for yourself, for others. Be kind to yourself and always reach out if you need help.