WHS StuCo Students to attend MASC Hyannis Conference on March 8

Sophie Boyd '24, Contributing Writer

After waiting three years, the annual MASC (Massachusetts Association of Student Councils) Spring Conference in Hyannis is back. This is a three-day, two-night conference filled with motivational speakers, workshops, and awards to help strengthen leadership qualities and network with other Student Council students across Massachusetts.

The last true Hyannis conference took place in March of 2020 and since then, it hasn’t quite been the same. In 2021, the conference was virtual; last year, it was held at Worcester State University. In both modified versions, there have been similar characteristics to the typical conference, yet members that have attended them, find that it’s not what they expected compared to upperclassmen’s experience with the traditional conference.

WHS Student Council members are excited to finally have the Hyannis Conference after such a long period of time. Members apply to attend the conference through a series of questions on an application and it is evaluated by the WHS Student Council president Kylah Rice and advisor Social Studies teacher Mrs. Miller.

This year, 16 individuals were selected based on their involvement and dedication to our council, their reasons for wanting to attend, and what leadership means to them: grade 12: Kylah Rice, Danna Garcia, Brady Henderson, and Jay Mekala; grade 11: Michelle Hung, Talia Bedar, Sophie Boyd, Julia Young, Andrea Lin, and Lucas Silva; grade 10: Nandita Ganesan, Georgia Tyrell, Regan Sullivan, and Jorge Garcia; grade 9: Myra Buch and Aurea Bhatia.

Rice shared, “Hyannis is probably my number one stuco experience ever.”

Rice is also one of two current members of our council who experienced the genuine Hyannis conference.

Another important aspect of this conference is that it is where WHS Student Council can receive awards for all of our hard work throughout the year. This can be recognized in two ways: earning MASC Gold Council of Excellence, as well as the Top Ten Project Award. Both these awards are submitted by the student council historian through tedious preparation and lots of writing, in hopes of getting recognized for outstanding achievements and projects.

Junior Talia Bedar is running to be the MASC state president for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. The election and results take place at the Hyannis conference.

Talia stated, “I really love student council and all the great memories and friendships that it’s given me and I would love to take on a bigger leadership role through MASC president to further these things.”

To see more on what Student Council is up to visit whs_stuco_ on Instagram. To view Bedar’s IG campaign account head to talia4mascprez.