Opinion: Season 3 Outer Banks: Worth the Wait

Yael Bugaev '24 and Mimi Walker

The very anticipated season 3 of Outer Banks was released February 23 on Netflix.

Recap: Season 1 started out with the kooks (the rich) and the pogue (the cut) and the battle between the two sides of the islands. As the show progressed it became more of a treasure than normal life in the outer banks. John B. and his friends are on the hunt for $400 million dollars worth of gold that his father was trying to find before his disappearance. John B. meets Sarah Cameron, a kook who he falls in love with despite their differences. Ward Cameron, Sarah’s dad, finds out that the pogues are trying to find this treasure and rebels against them and steals the gold. At the end of season 1, John B. is framed for murder of the town sheriff and leaves the outer banks with Sarah to steal the gold back from Ward.

Recap: In season 2, John B. and Sarah are presumably dead but the reality is they are in the Bahamas trying to get the gold from Ward. His best friends Kiara, Pope, JJ are left to try and prove John B.’s innocence and reveal the truth about Ward and Rafe Cameron. In season 2 the gold slips from the pogues hands once again. The season ends with a shot of John B.’s dad who was thought to be lost at sea in Barbados and the pogues stranded on an island.

Season 3 starts with the pogues being “rescued” and flown to Barbados where Kiara is then captured and taken to a new villain. Carlos Singh is looking for the treasure as well. In season 3 there are a lot of ups and downs for the pogues. Watch to see if they finally win the treasure back.

I (Yael Bugaev) really enjoyed season 3. I think that overall my favorite season was season one where things were a lot more simple. But in season 3, I think that the plot was slowly dragged out and it wasn’t solely about the gold. I was still on my toes while watching season 3 and finished the season the day it was released. Unfortunately,I felt that there were many shortcuts in the last episode because each season is only 10 episodes. I felt like the last episode was rushed when it shouldn’t have been. Even though I wasn’t satisfied with the last episode, I still rate season 3 a 10/10. Outer Banks is my favorite show because of the original plot of season 1 and the constant suspense. And with that said, I do not think they should make a season 4. I feel like season 4 will be a new plot and more of a new show, which I would not be interested in watching.

I (Mimi Walker) liked season 3 of Outer Banks overall. I found that there was a lot more action and suspense than the previous season. There were a lot of twists and turns throughout the season and I was not expecting all of what happened this season. This season was less about a small treasure hunt a couple of teenagers started, but expanded into other countries where they cross paths with powerful and dangerous people. I would have rather seen the focus on the pogues lives and their friendships in just the Outer Banks, rather than all the attention on the treasure and constantly running from the many antagonists in the show. Overall I would rate this season an 8/10, I still really enjoyed watching and loved the last episode.