The Noel Diary: A Netflix Christmas Movie Worth Watching This Season

Yael Bugaev '24, Arts and Entertainment editor

The Noel Diary is a new movie on Netflix that was recently released. The new movie is a romance about Jacob Turner and Rachel Turner. Jacob has just lost his mother and heads back to his hometown after being away for 30 years after wanting to pursue his dream of becoming an author. He is a well known writer who has just released another novel in his series. Jacob is known for staying to himself and isn’t looking for a relationship. But one day as he’s cleaning his mom’s house and a young woman comes by who is on the search for her biological mother. Her mother had worked as a nanny for Jacob, but he doesn’t remember her.

The two of them go and search for Rachel’s mom and try to find out as much as they can. During this adventure they go visit Jacob’s father who left him and his mother 30 years ago. On this trip Jacob and Rachel’s bond grows. But Rachel pushes back from Jacob and that’s where trouble and sadness start to occur.

I loved this movie. Usually I tend to just rewatch the same Christmas movies every year, but I gave this new one a chance. Romance christmas movies are always my favorite to watch which is why I gave this one a chance. Throughout the whole movie I didn’t know what was going to happen to Rachel and Jacob’s relationship. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Christmas movies especially to anyone who enjoys watching romantic Christmas movies.