Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2: 

Yael Bugaev '24, Arts + Entertainment Editor

This past year Enola Holmes 2 was released on Netflix. This is the second movie pairing with Enola Holmes. The first movie is about Enola Holmes, the protagonist who is related to her older brother Sherlock Holmes. The movie’s time period is 1884 when women still have no power or say in society. 


First Movie:

This movie was released in 2020. Holmes goes out to look for her mother who disappeared while she was a baby because she wanted to slowly work to make the world a better place. She runs away from home because her other brother, Mycroft, wants to enroll her in a school for all girls where they learn how to be a woman. Throughout the movie, Enola faces obstacles and ends up helping a runaway lord and finding her mother. She uses Sherlock’s skills to face all the obstacles that come to her. 


Second Movie:

This movie was released in 2022. By the end of the first movie, Enola realizes that she wants to be a detective just like her brother. She takes on a case to find a missing girl. During this process, she uses the help of Lord Tewksbury (from the first movie) to build a romance. Their relationship has lots of suspense and confusion. Does Enola end up solving the missing girl case? Watch the second movie to find out



These two movies might be in my top three movies that I watched in 2022. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch these two movies. The setting, the time period, and the idea behind both movies make them that good. 


I would recommend these movies to anyone. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy either of these. But after watching the first movie, I watched the second one right after a day. The protagonist Neola Holmes is played by actress Millie Bobby Brown who also stars in Stranger Things


I’d recommend watching the first movie before watching the second one because the first movie builds up to the second. You need the details of the first one to understand all the details and relationships that are going on in the second one. Netflix has yet to confirm the third movie, but watching the first two is a must.