Netflix Original Movie Falling for Christmas:  Not a Must Watch

Yael Bugaev '24, Arts + Entertainment Editor

Falling for Christmas, a new Netflix original movie was released recently on Netflix. The movie’s protagonist, Sierra Belmont is a rich, snobby daughter who is dating Tad Fairchild who is a social media star. The two of them are at a ski resort during Christmas time celebrating. Tad as a social media influencer portrays himself as being plastic and fake. He doesn’t show his love for Sierra and solely focuses on having a strong and popular platform. 


One day Tad decides he wants to propose to Sierra at the top of a mountain. As he is proposing to her he is streaming the whole thing on his phone live to his fans. Then unexpectedly Sierra falls down the hill and Tad tries to grab onto her but he also falls. 


They both somehow make it out alive, but Sierras suffers from brain damage and forgets everything about herself, and has no memory of being with Tad. Tad survives the fall uninjured but doesn’t end up back at the ski resort. Along the way, Sierra meets Jake Russel who has known Sierra but doesn’t enjoy her original self. Their relationship builds in the movie and because of Jake, Sierra comes out a better person and falls in love with someone else. 


This movie was not my favorite. There was a lot of green screens being used, and it was very obvious it was being used. The plot line itself was very unrealistic where Tad ends up in a different location than Sierra even though they fell from the same spot on the mountain. The both of them surviving the fall was also very unrealistic which was also why I didn’t enjoy the movie. 


One thing I did enjoy about this movie was Sierra trying to remember who she was, but then becoming the complete opposite of who she originally was.  She had to go through a lot of simple challenges where she couldn’t even succeed which gives you a good laugh. I would not recommend it as I would rate it a 3/10.