Jersey Mike’s Comes to Westborough: Try it out!

Vincent Zheng '23 and Jake Dapolite '23, Contributing Writers

Jersey Mike’s has been a popular food chain for a while, first coming to the streets in 1956. Since then it has made its way to over 2000 locations in the U.S. It was founded in Point Pleasant, New Jersey as the name assumes and has made close to one billion dollars in revenue.

The new one in Westborough made its grand opening during the summer, right before the school year. It has gained traction quickly with a packed store the day of the grand opening.

Recently we ventured to Route 9 and made our way into Jersey Mike’s. Now this isn’t our first time eating here, however, the inside is exactly what you would expect to see in a small sub shop. The lights were shining bright and the employees were ready to take your order. Jersey Mike’s offers a 5 inch “mini” sub, 7 inch “regular sub”, and finally a 14-15 inch “giant” sub.

I (Vincent Zheng) ordered a fan-favorite Italian sub. To put it simply, this sub delivered a whole sensation of flavors that came together in my mouth. The assortments of deli meats, ciabatta bread and lettuce mixed together perfectly to form a taste any meatlover would crave for weeks. The vinaigrette absolutely activated my taste buds to the fullest, the sweet and sour flavor complemented the variety of ingredients flawlessly.

When I (Jake Dapolite) usually order, I order from the app. This allows me to gain Shore Points. This point system makes it possible for you to redeem your points for different food items. For example, 72 shore points are equivalent to 1 regular sub, so I wouldn’t have to pay for that sub.

This app also allows you to play games to collect more points, like that one I just completed. But this time when going into the shop, I tried something different from the my usual Italian sub. I tried one of the regular hot subs that should be a signature in any sub shop: the Philly Cheese Steak. I had all of the toppings which included grilled seared onions, green peppers, and yellow peppers, along with the steak and cheese. I definitely had the correct ratio of cheese to steak, as well as steak to vegetables, so there was nothing really overpowering the sandwich. The only real problem I had was that it wasn’t big enough, so I should have ordered the next size up.

Nonetheless it was a great experience, and we both would recommend Jersey Mike’s to someone craving a good sandwich.

The pricing of Jersey Mike’s subs varies based on size: the mini will cost you $5.45, regular is $7.25, and large is $12.95. These prices may vary depending on the type of sub. They do offer vegetarian options for those who don’t eat meat, they have a veggie sandwich which includes: provolone, lettuce, and an assortment of veggies.

Other popular options are: Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak, BLT, and other customized selection. Lastly, if you want to enjoy and cold beverage or a crispy bag of chips on the side, Jersey Mike’s offers these as well.

Jersey Mike’s
1 Oak Street (right next to Chipotle), Westborough
Hours are 10AM- 9PM everyday of the week.