Be Kind in Front of a Teacher to Earn a Prize; Caught Doing Good Cards Enforcing a Poor Message

Delaney Vallee '24, Junior Co-Editor

With the new incentive system ‘caught doing good’ cards in full swing, many students have been rewarded. After hearing an announcement over the loudspeaker on Wednesday morning saying that anyone who got a card can redeem it for a prize in the office, I began to think more about the impact of the system.

As 14-18 year olds, should prizes be given to people for being nice? Is this incentive system putting forth the message that you should only be kind in front of an adult, as you will be rewarded?

High school is a time for students to grow their knowledge and prepare themselves for the real world, which many are soon to encounter. Rewarding them for being kind isn’t a good way to help them do so, because it is putting forth this idea that being a civil human being earns you a sticker.

Especially with the recent events of some students vandalizing the school last year, leaving trash wherever they please, and not respecting their peers or staff at WHS, there shouldn’t be this reward system for behaving correctly. The kindness of students and respect for the school should be something that the administration expects, rather than seeks out to praise.

Students going out of their way to be kind, or to help a classmate is not an act that deserves reward; it’s an act that should be done as a way to support your classmates and  express kindness.

Overall, I think these cards are making students feel more like young children than teenagers, and are putting forth a poor message; you should be kind in front of teachers so you can earn a  prize, not out of the kindness of your own heart. I think the thought was there for this incentive, but it isn’t fit for high school students.