Entergalactic Review

Kid Cudi is one of the most beloved artists of the last decade. His rapping, singing, and humming have captivated listeners since 2009. His albums have inspired the youth over the years. Many have said that his music saved their lives. His music videos on YouTube confirm this—the comment sections are flooded with these messages. 

In his wide discography, his most famous works are the Man on the Moon trilogy. These albums discuss his battles with drugs, depression, and his traumatic childhood in a poetic way.

Comedian Pete Davidson summed it up best. He said, “Very few artists open up their doors to their world where it’s so personal that you think you know them.”

However, as beloved as these albums are, people argue that his other albums are not as good. 

Is this the case for his newest album Entergalatic? Does it live up to the Man On the Moon hype, or is it a step down? We have given our opinions on various songs on the project to determine whether or not Entergalactic was a hit album.


After the upbeat and confident “Do What I Want”, “Angel” follows. It is very mellow compared to the previous song and the rest of the album. While Cudi’s vocals sound good on this song, it still ends up being very bland. The beat behind him is very uninteresting and doesn’t change for the entire song. And as good as Cudi sounds here, he never changes his flow at all. All of this combines for a very dull song. 

“Willing To Trust”

This is the best song on the album. It might even be one of the best songs released this year. Cudi is at his best here. Him and Ty Dolla Sign team up beautifully on the chorus. The lyrics, pertaining to being able to trust a partner, are well composed in this song. The instrumental starts off slow and gradually builds up as the song goes on. The outro to the song features a new instrumental with some of Cudi’s best vocals ever. 

“She’s Lookin’ For Me”

This is a much needed upbeat song in the back half of the album. The second half of the album is much weaker and at times gets boring and repetitive, but this song stands out. It features a very uplifting chorus and Cudi brings energy to the verses as well. Lyrically, Cudi raps about how his love is always with him and is able to help him. It matches the theme of mental health that has been constant for him in his career along with the theme of love on this album.

“New Mode”

As an unexpectedly upbeat song, “New Mode” provides listeners with reassuring thoughts that Kid Cudi tells himself. Stepping away from the dark thoughts that cloud his mind, throughout the song he tells himself that he accepts himself and that everything will be alright. While he is telling himself this, Cudi is also encouraging his listeners, as he knows his audience consists of people who face similar challenges to him. 

“Somewhere To Fly”

This song encapsulates the energy Kid Cudi brings to his new project. Combined with Don Toliver’s angelic chorus and the smooth beat, this is a classic RnB-like love song. This is sure to be one of the favorites from Entergalactic. Its catchy chorus and upbeat lyrics boost the rating of the album as a whole.


This song poses as a weak outro to Entergalactic. In many of his hit songs, Kid Cudi creates a different listening experience in the outro, which became a trend in Hip Hop. Many artists, such as Travis Scott and Roddy Ricch have copied this formula, which has played out well for them. In this case, the subpar lyrics, lack of feature, and lazy structure make this song extremely forgettable. Especially for an album that a lot of people expected to flop, the outro should have left a lasting impression that reminds everyone of Kid Cudi’s unique craft. 

“Can’t Believe It”

This song shows off the rapping side of Cudi. Him and 2 Chainz team up for this braggadocious song. Generally, this song is well-made. The beat is solid, and 2 Chainz and Cudi both have solid verses. However, it’s not one of the better upbeat songs on the album and therefore gets lost in the tracklist.

Overall, this is a solid album. There are plenty of great moments. The theme of love across the project is well done and makes it feel more complete. But, there are just too many forgettable moments. After listening a few times, it’s sort of difficult to distinguish between some of the songs. Ultimately, it is not a bad album, but definitely not Kid Cudi at his best.