Opinion: Students, Pick up your Trash and Respect WHS Custodial Staff

Opinion:  Students, Pick up your Trash and Respect WHS Custodial Staff

Lily Vaughan 23' and Delaney Vallee 24', Co-Editor and Junior Co- Ediotor

In the first month of school, there have been many incidents of students showing disrespect towards the school and staff members. There have been cases of students leaving trash all over the school and using the restroom for inappropriate behaviors, which is extremely unacceptable. 

The students misusing the bathrooms are not only posing a safety and health concern, they are being disrespectful to the janitors who have to maintain the bathrooms. These behaviors are very concerning. 

All students should feel safe and comfortable using the restrooms and other spaces at WHS; however, many students are now avoiding using the restrooms at school.

In addition to the restrooms, there is the ongoing issue of students leaving their trash in the lobby, the hallways, and on cafeteria tables.

Students have been leaving their food wrappers and other trash wherever they please, simply because they don’t want to walk over to the trash and clean up. This is another responsibility added to the janitors’ day.  This behavior is very inconsiderate to them, considering the daily responsibilities they already have. The janitors do a great job of keeping our school a clean environment; however, cleaning up after students isn’t something they should have to do. 

We students are lucky enough to have a space where we can learn, and a group of faculty and staff who make it possible. With the way students are treating our school, they are not respecting or appreciating the space.

Ultimately, students need to stop taking our janitorial staff for granted. Reflect on your choices and take a minute to realize who is really impacted by the inconsiderate messes being made.

Take that extra 30 seconds to clean up after yourselves or your peers, instead of walking away and leaving it for the janitors to do. 

Disrespecting the school is a poor reflection of our character here at WHS, so take pride in our school and help make it a better place.