Influencer Andrew Tate Attempting Comeback after Social Media Ban

Max Dullea '24 and Alec DesRosiers '25, Contributing Writers

The sunglasses, the foreign cars, the muscles, the cigars, the lavish lifestyle. Like him or not, Andrew Tate has taken the internet by storm, enticing the teenage boy population. It all started with Tate blowing up on the viral app “Tik Tok,” posting controversial opinions people may find extreme, but some find hilarious.

The fans of Tate were told to “flood” social media with videos of him, choosing the most controversial clips of him in order to attain the most views. The 35 year old managed to achieve 11.6 billion views on Tiktok in the past months; he is one of the most searched up names on the internet, topping famous celebrities like the Kardashians.

The former professional kickboxer uses his large net worth to buy foreign supercars and weapons, in which he posts on his instagram claiming he’s the “Top G” in short for “top gangster,” as he believes no one can overcome his superiority. The strong fanbase of Tate has caught attention from other popular creators on all platforms, which has grown his popularity even more topping out on all of Youtube’s charts.

In Tate’s reign over social media, Tate introduced his private online course named “Hustlers University” that caught the attention of his fanbase teaching the teens to learn how to make money in the stock market, trading, and many other ways. This huge platform Tate created gathered up about 127,000 members costing about 39€ a month boosting his income entirely.

About a month ago, some of Tate’s opinions came off disrespectful towards women. Tate ensures that his views aren’t misogynistic, he has posted multiple videos showing how caring and supportive he is towards women. Tate has set up donations and fundraisers towards women’s health and domestic violence against women. Ultimately these actions were not enough to please the social media community leading him to become “canceled” off all major social media apps disappearing from social media entirely.

Apps like Tikok, Instagram, Youtube and many more major apps have banned Tate because of the community’s reaction to his actions. Recently, Tate made an appearance on Rumble, a small app that’s rising in the social media world, which caught attention from big content creators. So Tate is making a comeback assuring his fanbase that he is still thriving in his million dollar lifestyle without social media. He is still flying private jets, driving super yachts, and buying more cars.