Rangers Football Hopes for First Win Tonight Against Auburn

Nick Bellofatto '24, Contributing Writer

After a challenging 2021 season, Rangers football is back and is prepared for a roaring comeback on the gridiron this upcoming season. Putting their previous 1-7 record aside and their challenging start to this season, the Rangers are a different football team and are ready to show the school what they have in store.

Junior captain and starting running back Sebas Grillo shares, “We just want to have a successful season…We want to let other teams and our school that we’re not the same team as last year.”
Grillo was on the varsity team as a sophomore and looked forward to becoming a captain.

“I wanted to become a captain so I could lead this team into a better season and help everyone improve, including myself,” Grillo comments. “Teach everyone The Ranger Way, how to talk to coaches and just helping everyone out,” he adds.

Grillo is looking forward to this season and ready to let everyone know what Ranger football is all about.

Along with the team bonding and their hard work in this off-season, the Rangers have made critical changes to their offense to improve from last season, most notably at the quarterback position. Junior Marco Micucci was the team’s quarterback the previous season, but has recently switched back to receiver, the role he played his whole life before moving to quarterback his first year.

“The only reason I switched to quarterback in the first place was that my grade didn’t have one at the moment, and I believed I had the best shot to be the most successful at it,” Micucci says.

Micucci also said he missed playing the position and felt more comfortable there.

“Wide receiver is more of my natural position, and I also had more fun playing in this position and enjoy playing football more this way,” he adds.

Micucci is looking forward to positively impacting the team this year differently at wide receiver and cornerback. Junior Luke Meleski is now stepping up front to the quarterback role and looking forward to leading the team this upcoming year.

The Rangers football team is playing with a chip on their shoulder this season. They are ready to redeem themselves and prove everyone wrong.

“My biggest goal this year is to be better than last year. That’s the whole goal of our team,” junior Joseph Marino shares. “You know, last year we had a lot of underclassmen, lots of inexperience, but this year we have all the experience and will be back and better.”

Marino was a bright spot for the team last year as he became a rising star for the football program at only a sophomore and looks forward to improving even more this season.

When asked what he’s most excited about this year, Marino states, “Winning, that’s the goal, as well as going out there and making the opponent feel bad.”

Marino has switched his position from tight end to center and will significantly impact the offensive line.

“We need to stay disciplined, knowing what we’re supposed to do, and watch film from the other team to win,” Grillo says.

Currently the Rangers record is 0-3. Their next game is this Friday, September 30, away at Auburn (2-1) at 6:30 p.m. The Rangers will look to earn their first win of the season.