Fire at Westborough High School Causes 2 No School Days

Alixe Cecchini '23, Lead Feature Editor

On the morning of Thursday, September 8 an email was sent to all Westborough High School students from Principal Callaghan. It was an urgent message telling student that the school would be closed for the whole day due to a fire in the building.  

In the email Mr. Callaghan also said “a light fixture on the 3rd floor hallway caught on fire and set off the fire alarm system which also triggered the sprinklers on the 3rd floor and other areas of the building.”

That evening students received another email informing them that school would be closed on Friday as well. Mr. Callaghan clarified that there was water damage due to the sprinklers going off in a small section of the high school. The damage would take serial weeks to repair. 

Students returned to school the following Monday. The building was deemed safe for students and staff. District Fine Arts Director Mr. Martin shared that “Electrical inspectors, fire inspectors, and building inspectors checked the school, and they had determined that a fire should not happen again and that it is safe to start school.”

The classrooms that were affected were relocated to other rooms or areas in the high school. 

“It was a little disorienting to start school and then almost immediately need to change classrooms, but it was nice to have the two days,” senior Emma Spear said. 

The following week all classes were able to return to their original classroom with no permanent damages to any rooms. There will still be weekend work for the classrooms that have tile damage.