WHS Girls’ Lax End of Season Spotlight

Though the WHS girls’ lacrosse team’s season has come to a close, senior captain Kylie Parsons had a lot to say about a few key members of the team: sophomores Kate Sams and Lily Villaflor, and juniors Riley Allen, and Sydney Allen. 


Sams is an unbelievable player who has started since her freshman year. Parsons says, “Sams has contributed a lot to the team the past two years. She is a consistent player and is extremely versatile. She’s good at taking draws, and can honestly carry the ball end to end which is rare at this level.” 


Villaflor is a valuable player who hopes to one day take her skills to the NCAA. Parsons says, “She’s definitely going places with the sport. She has a high lacrosse IQ and her shooting accuracy is unreal.”


Riley Allen has had an ongoing knee injury this season, but hasn’t let it stop her from playing. Parsons notes, “She’s a tenacious athlete. Her speed and agility are definitely what separates her from everyone else. She’s great on the transitions from defense to attack.” 


Sydney Allen, sister of Riley, is a key contributor to the team’s attack. Parsons says, “She plays with grit, and is fast just like Riley. She has numerous assists because she sees the field really well and knows where her teammates are at all times.” 


Parsons notes that despite the girls’ superb athletic abilities, they’re humble off the field. She says, “They’re all great kids. They’re modest and mature, which is why they’re great teammates and leaders on and off the field.” 


The WHS girls’ lacrosse team concluded their season with the CMASS Tournament. They lost 12-11 the first game of the tournament against North Middlesex and won against Marlborough 9-6, who they lost to in OT earlier in the season.