Lucas Diaz ’22: Senior Testimonial


Lucas Diaz '22, Contributing Writer

Thank you to all the teaching staff for their commitment and hard work. Sharing with you these past two and a half years has been the happiest thing that has happened in my life. I have no more words to thank you for how proud I am to have concluded a goal of graduating high school. I hope to continue fighting for my dreams after I graduate from WHS.

I am originally from Guatemala and I come from a very humble village where we are all family. I had good times with my people and they have seen me grow up. We all have different dreams of making them come true in the future. I miss my friends who I had a good childhood with. One day I hope to be able to return to see them and share and remember together our childhood.

I came to the United States to have a good future and to be able to finish my studies. In my home country, we don’t have the same opportunities that we have here in the United States. In Guatemala, the economy is very low. I am grateful to now help my parents who worked hard and fought for me to have a good future.

The greatest thing that happened to me at WHS was that I was able to join the school soccer team. There I had good fun times with my teammates. All the time there was laughter and some jokes they made. Even though I didn’t understand the jokes because they were in Engilsh, I had a great time with them. My coach was very good to me, he always helped me all the time and gave me some soccer equipment.

I also met someone who was very good to me in school and tried to communicate with me in Spanish. I am very grateful to Mrs. Stoker who always supported me in everything and always encouraged me in everything when I thought I could not do it. She was like a mother because I remember my own mother always inspired me in everything. And I am sad just to see my mom by video call and not be with her, so it’s nice to have Mrs. Stoker as a mom here.

I also want to thank all my teachers. Mrs. Coelho taught me to learn to speak English and teach me a little about everything I know now. Mrs Connelly helped me with my homework. Mrs. Buenacosa helped me with everything, and I thank her for being very good and having good times in her class. I thank you all and I no longer have words for everything you did for me.

The hardest and the most difficult thing at WHS is when I walked into a school where everyone spoke English and where I didn’t know anyone to talk to me. Or when we had lunch time or an activity, and I couldn’t communicate with anyone for the same reason that I couldn’t speak English and understand the language. And well, I knew all my brothers who are Hispanics go through that.

I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to finish my school year and achieve what I have learned in this school. I am grateful for the door that they opened for me to be a member of their school. I also want to thank my parents for all the effort they have made for me to be here and for everything I have achieved thanks to them.

I wish the best to my Hispanic classmates who are studying at WHS and that they continue to give their best to be able to learn and achieve the dreams. They have in the future and be able to achieve a goal of graduating from WHS. Also to my journalism classmates. journalism, I am proud to be part of your team and share a few moments with you. Thanks for everything, guys.