Jackson Bohn ’22: Senior Testimonial

Jackson Bohn '22, Contributing Writer

With two weeks left in my high school career, there isn’t one cliche that hasn’t been true so far: time flies by, make the most of it, you’ll remember these years fondly. The reason they are cliches are because they are true, but the reason I am here isn’t to lecture you about what you should do with the rest of your years in high school. It’s to tell you about mine.

I was the typical freshman: braces, axe body spray, huge backpack. The thing I remember most about being a freshman was trying to fit in. Some of my closest friends had moved to private schools and I found myself looking for friends. They way that actually worked for me was hockey. I was lucky enough to be able to play varsity minutes as a freshman and in turn I got to become friends with the class above me. Quick shoutout to some of my guys: Jboard, Choate, Aiden and Pat, Shifty, Scal, Keddy. They really took me in and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

As a sophomore it was braces off. And I really started to find who I am. I made close bonds with new people, began coming out of my social shell, and started on the hockey team.

My junior year was troubling, the effects of covid really took a toll on me. My grades dropped significantly, and so did my mental health. The lesson I really learned from this was to do what you love. For me that was playing hockey, painting, and being with my friends. As we were all just trying to survive and get through it, these passions helped me through some of my hardest times.

As a senior and in my last year of hockey, I knew we had to make the most of it. Reflecting back now, I am very proud of what we accomplished. I got to captain the team, we made the state playoff tournament, we beat Algonquin to win the Matt Bruce cup for the first time in Westborough hockey history (documentary coming soon), and personally I was nominated for Central Massachusetts Player of The Year. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my hockey career.

Now as the weeks dwindle, I’ve started to have some of those cliche thoughts: Am I going to miss this place? Maybe. Am I going to miss these people? Definitely.

I would like to dedicate this final part to some of those people who I will. Teachers: Mrs. Stoker (she is the reason I’m writing this in the first place), el proffesor mejor Jeannie, Mr. Belbin, Mr. O’Brien, Mr. Willar and Ms. B. These teachers made class worth going into every day. Other miscellaneous thanks to Coach Hallice, Crom Trev, the allies, Mrs. Orlando, and the lunch ladies who let me take two pizzas a day.

I guess that is all I have, so for those who read: thank you, stay safe, stay healthy, and walk on the right side of the hall.