Press Release: Westborough Hometown Heroes Program

Please share with any Westborough veterans you know:

QUALIFYING FOR THE HOMETOWN HEROES PROGRAM Any honorably discharged Westborough Veteran, whether a native or resident, as well as Westborough active duty military members, are welcome to apply to be part of the Hometown Heroes Program. If the veteran was born and raised in Westborough through initial enlistment, but does not currently live in Westborough, they would also qualify.

The program will recognize Westborough’s:
∙ Veterans who died in service
∙ Active Duty Members
∙ Retired Veterans
∙ Retired Veterans (deceased)
∙ Honorably Discharged Veterans

The Westborough Veterans Advisory Board, Hometown Heroes Task Force, retains the final responsibility of priorities for selection of veterans and placement of banners on poles. We will follow a policy of priority of display which will include KIA, MIA, POW, military campaigns, branch of service, application date, and other factors in consideration. All honorably discharged/MIA veterans will be afforded an opportunity to be honored.

Display Period
Banners will be displayed over the Memorial Day and Veterans Day holidays. The WVAB will maintain a database of applications and banners displayed and will rotate them annually as needed based on available space.

There is no cost to veterans for banners. The WVAB is soliciting general donations to the program however.

Sponsorships from families, friends and businesses are also available for a donation of $150 per banner … please see sponsorship application.

Chairman: Jim Tepper, Secretary: Elysha O’Brien, Paul Freeman, Ken Gagnon, Paul Horrigan, Marshall Preston, Andy Toorock, Al Tournas, (Denny Drewry – Non-Voting)