Wordle: New Craze Keeps Minds Sharp

Maggie Hanlon '24, Contributing Writer

The word game, Wordle, has become very popular within the short amount of time it has been available to the public. 

The new online game was created by Josh Wardle as a romantic gesture. Wardle created the game for him and his partner to play together because they love word games.

He decided to put Wordle on the internet in October and three months later 300,000 people were playing.

Wordle is like a guessing game: you have six tries to guess a five-letter word once a day. According to the rules, after each guess, the color of the tiles in the word you guessed will change to show how close you were to the word. Since there’s only one word a day, you can’t play for hours on end.

The game became popular with adults when it first was released, then teens caught on. 

Westborough High School sophomore Sydney Gage claims, “It’s something new… it gets me thinking when I’m doing something that I enjoy.”  

The New York Times recently bought the online game for a price “in the low seven figures.” 

The New York Times has said that later on ads may interrupt the game or playing Wordle may come at a cost.

In response to The New York Times purchasing the company, Sadie Blumberg, WHS sophomore says, “It’s kind of sad because you know the game is going to change.”

Some students feel as though the words have been getting harder, but The New York Times has not changed which words are used.