Small Business Spotlight: A Tropical Adventure at Lalajavas

Kiley Vallee '22 and Shannon Clark '23

Good coffee, kind employees, and a great atmosphere tie in your experience at Lalajava, a coffee shop in Northborough. Lalajava houses plenty of options including lattes, coolers, smoothies, cocoa, energy drinks, teas, and plenty of coffee items. 

I (Kiley) ordered an iced latte with oat milk. There were flavors like caramel, vanilla, raspberry, almond, coconut, pistachio, hazelnut, and almond. I chose a caramel flavor shot, which wasn’t overpowering, or too dull, which was nice. It was super creamy and the flavor was super distinct. I had the choice of two sizes, small and large. I got a large, which was a nice size and not too expensive for the quality. I really enjoyed my drink overall!

Usually, I (Shannon) am an iced-coffee type of person. But at Lavajavas, I always order a hazelnut latte. The ratio of foam to coffee is balanced while the temperature is just cool enough to drink. The hazelnut latte emphasizes the somberness between the bitterness and sweetness of hazelnut. Without overdoing it, the hazelnut flavor can be tasted in every sip — even the foamy bit. I loved how smooth the coffee was overall and how it wasn’t too strong while still giving me a boost of energy.  Another quality element of lavajavas latte is that it isn’t too heavy. Oftentimes lattes can be too dense, but lavajavas’s is on the lighter side, which allows for the drink to be more enjoyable. I also got large, and I agree that the large is the best size to order. Whenever I order a small, I always finish it and wish there was just a little bit more. Nonetheless, I would undoubtedly choose a lavajavas latte over any other latte in the area.

To accompany these refreshing beverages, they sell fresh bakery items, like muffins and cookies, as well as customizable grilled cheese sandwiches, which makes for a nice addition to a beverage.

Right when you walk in, you are transported to a tropical paradise with palm trees and wooden fixtures all around. There is plenty of seating despite its tight quarters which just makes you feel even cozier. The atmosphere is super relaxed and the staff is super friendly and quick, making for a comfortable visit each time. Their roots from California shine through their store.

They continue their tropical theme by using fun names for their drinks, like “Lala Lattes”, “Tiki Tea”, and “Quenchers”. Along with their delicious drinks, they sell a lot of merchandise, including t-shirts, stickers, and things to commemorate their awesome furry mascot, Kona. As a dog, Kona symbolizes that Lalajava is pet-friendly. They frequently invite animals to sit out by their patio area while their owners enjoy a nice drink.

Looking to take some coffee home? They sell their coffee in bulk, including flavors like Hawaiian Hazelnut, Island Vanilla, and espresso blends sourced from around the world. 

Not to mention, Lalajava allows for private rentals of the store for meetings, events, special occasions, etc. which is a unique quality for a contemporary coffee shop.

Located in a plaza in close proximity to restaurants, gyms, and clothing stores, Lalajava is a quick and easy stop to recharge your day. 

Additional Information:

290 W. Main Street Northboro, MA 01532

Open Every Day 7am-5pm