Week 3 Rec Ball Power Rankings: 3 Undefeated Teams Lead the Way


Colin West '22 and Brady Volin '22

  1. Tam/Chattopadhya (3-0)

Once again, team Tam/Chattopadaya finds themselves at the top of the league. Mukil Nair came up clutch on Sunday against team Lombardo/McGinn by sinking back-to-back threes in crunch time to give his team the lead. Sean and Ayush both had standout performances, which is becoming a common occurrence. Kevin Nunes continues to light up the league with his 2k-style movements and is on the verge of a breakout performance. Team Tam/Chattapodaya has a huge game this week against #3 ranked Seymour/Billinsky, so look for them to make a statement on Sunday.

2. Henderson/Levesque (3-0)

Team Henderson has jumped up to the 2 spot, marking their highest position on the rankings so far this season. Led by Junior Brady Henderson this team is young and dangerous. Brady is a serious contender for both DPOY and MVP as he continues to compile blocks and points like he isn’t even trying. The team also has good scorers around Brady in Jake Birkhead and Jay Mekala.

3. Seymour/Billinsky (3-0)

Seymour/Billinsky squeaked out another win this week against Barry/Barr. Despite the close scores of their first three games, they keep finding ways to get in the win column. Jacob had a self-proclaimed off week but still put up 22, and Vincent “Jayson Tatum” Zheng dropped 13. Podcast member and fellow power ranking connoisseur Brady Volin had a season-high with 9 points and is finding his stride in the paint. If Elliott Seymour can contribute a bit more in the paint, this team will be absolutely formidable down the stretch.

4. Collins/Xu (2-1)

One of the biggest storylines of Week 3 was the return of Will “Shmill” Collins. He scored 4 points and racked up multiple assists while playing walk ball. If his fasciitis wasn’t plantared, this team would likely be at the top of the league. Kevin Xu and Eli Wawersik help to make up Rec Ball’s most athletic team. Xu has unmatched driving abilities, while Eli can lock up virtually anyone in the league. Surya is too often overlooked on this team, but will perhaps garner more attention with his jaw-dropping pin block of Camden Petralia (which can be found on this week’s episode of Full Court Press). This team has a crucial matchup with Nagi/Steinberg this week that will significantly alter next weeks’ rankings.

5. Nagi/Steinberg (2-1)

Team Nagi/Steinberg is finally finding their stride after a disappointing week one, winning another game by a convincing margin. Connor Nagi, the Hakeem Olajuwon of Rec Ball, continues his sheer domination in the paint. Alex Nunes Martinez had a great week, scoring 10 points, and could be an important piece for this team going forward. The Steinberg brothers are fantastic athletes and are both premier defenders. They will also be getting muscular senior Ryan Carew back next week, which is a huge addition. We wouldn’t be surprised if they upset Collins/Xu this week, and it will definitely be a great game to watch.

6. West/McDermott (2-2)

Team West has come out from the Canyon and has finally arrived. This team being fully healthy is scary. They are led by seniors Colin West and Brendan McDermott, and probably have one of the deepest teams in the league with Mikey Ku (Underclassmen of the Year candidate), Cooper Hagen, Andy C, and Luis. The sky’s the limit for this team and we believe they will probably be within the top 5 very soon.

7. Townsend/Warner (2-2)

Team Townsend has taken a small step back. After losing a close one to Team Seymour, they got blown out by Team West in a game in which they were missing senior Cooper Armstrong. They have slipped quite a bit in our list but definitely still have the talent to be a top 5 or 3 team, they just need more out of their team whose name is not Aiden Warner. Tim Breen also needs to be more aggressive for this team to jump up and stop their slide.

8. Lombardo/McGinn (1-1)

It is still tough to rank this team as they have only played two games, but they are certainly a sleeper team to make a run in the playoffs. They gave #1 ranked Tam/Chattapodaya a run for their money in a 4 point loss and looked very capable of beating a top-3 team in the future. Tommy McGinn is an animal on both ends and can create shots off the dribble whenever he feels like it. Basim Majid is also a great offensive piece, and Michael Lombardo is a reliable shooter. This team has all the pieces of a contender, but still has more to prove before they crack the top 5.

9. Meyer (2-2)

Team Meyer is among one of the most fun teams to watch. They are led by Charlie Snow and Jackson Bohn who both have been putting up very consistent numbers this season. They have a really solid supporting cast as well including Ryan Snow, Camden, and David Hilf. The younger guys need to continue to get better for this team to move up, but we definitely think that can happen throughout the season.

10. Barry/Barr (1-3)

Team Barry deserves more respect. They have been improving greatly throughout the season and almost squeaked one out versus Team Seymour this past week. Desmond O’Reilly and Big Mike Lelacheur have formed a formidable duo that has the capabilities of producing 40 points in a game. This team is pretty deep too, with Colin Barr and Sean Barry both providing some solid shooting.

11. Pisciotta (2-2)

As we have said in the past, this team’s performance will fluctuate with Jake Ritacco’s individual performance. There is no better example of this than Tacco’s 36 point masterpiece this past Sunday. Thomas Cashman remains this team’s second option and is an elite big man. The main concern with this team is that 3 players not named Jake Ritacco scored this week, leaving little margin for error for Jake.

12. Sullivan/Burke (1-2)

Unfortunately, things have gone downhill quickly for team Sullivan/Burke. After a convincing week one, they have dropped two straight to Nagi/Steinberg and Pisciotta. This team’s main need is contributions from players other than Hugh, Hayden, and the Sullivan twins. While the group of four seniors is a good core, they lack the depth to compete with the top teams in the league. If Hayden can step up and drop 20+ a game, they can certainly move up in the coming weeks.

13. Calderone (0-4)

Team Calderone is on the verge of becoming the Caboose, with only one thing preventing them from being last: Team Last. They did hang around with Team Henderson last week but crumbled in the clutch moments. Team Calderone is led by Matt on the offensive side and Rahim on Defense but they can’t seem to piece it all together to pull out a game. They still have time and we do believe they have the ability to win a game later in the season.

14. Last (0-3)

Team Last is once again in last. Brendan Martin and Richie Cautlela did both have great games last week as they seem to be the leading scorers for Team Last. Martin has had continued success this season but it doesn’t seem the cast around him can quite clutch up to hold them into a game late. They need to stay out of foul trouble to be able to win a game, but that is not something they have been able to do so far this season. The season is still young though and they still have time.