The WHS RecBall Experience

Here at WHS people take their Rec Ball very seriously. The Rec games are competitive and action-packed. Rec ball is run by the players and their parents. The teams are decided during a draft. There was a lot of effort put forth by the captains of the teams. Scouting at the Boston Sports Club, Asking classmates who are good, and even asking past rec-ball champions for strategies to bring their team to the top. Once the teams have been formed they have 1-2 games and 1 practice per week. 


The league might be viewed as just recreation basketball and pretty lowkey, however, this is not the case. Some of the kids from all grades that play rec ball are sometimes good enough to play on one of the 3 school teams the WHS has. This brings a competitive atmosphere to the games that gives it that extra reason kids come back each year. 


The league is very competitive. Competitive enough to have a weekly podcast called, “Full Court Press” on the school newspaper and they even have a Facebook group to talk about the Rec ball season and upcoming matchups. 


Not only is recreation basketball fun to play and watch classmates, but it also sparks conversations in the halls. Rec ball sparks conversations on who you think are going to win a specific game or a game plan you have to stop your opponent’s star player. Rec Ball also helps you talk to someone that you normally wouldn’t necessarily talk to. Whether it is a senior that you look up to on the court or a freshman that you just learned the name of last week. you match faces to names that you have heard of around the school. Rec ball really helps as an incoming freshman or an underclassman because you can get a group of people that you can interact with and talk to about Rec ball with them then you get comfortable with their friends and at the end of the Rec Season you know a lot of people in the school and you always have a topic to break the ice.


Recreation Basketball isn’t just a way for you to hang out with friends, it is also a way to escape the stress involved in school and just play a game that you either love or learn to love as the season progresses. Even if basketball isn’t the most fun sport to some or your skill isn’t the best, it is totally okay as everyone is out to just have a good time and make memories. Rec ball gives you a time once during the week and during the weekend to escape your life and just have fun with your friends. Recreational Basketball isn’t always about being the best player on the court and that is why there are so many people that play. If you’re not the best player on your team it doesn’t matter because everyone is trying to fun and relaxing playing against peers.


Overall even if you didn’t sign up for Rec Ball this year we still recommend going to some of the games on the weekend. The games are usually played Sunday Mornings from 9 – 12 in both the big and small gym at WHS. It is a very competitive atmosphere with a student section for some of the games and is a great way to spend your Sunday morning, as well as a great social opportunity.