Sports Opinion: Could Pats QB Mac Jones be the next Tom Brady?

Tyler Cohlhepp '24, Contributing Writer

A question that most Patriots fans are asking is: “Could Mac Jones be the Patriots next Tom Brady?’’ And his stats are saying that he could be. Some Patriot fans had doubts in the first couple of games this season as Mac Jones struggled going 1 and 4 in the first 5 games, but he has been lighting up the field ever since leading the team to 8 straight wins.

Jones started to attract attention from NFL scouts when he played at Alabama and was able to win a national championship with them. He was then drafted in 2021 by the Patriots in the first round with the 15th overall pick. He was taken as the fifth quarterback to be drafted in his class and was not expected to even start for the first couple of weeks. Cam Newton was expected to start at quarterback for the Patriots, but instead Jones was able to beat out Cam Newton in training camp.

Even though Jones initially struggled, he has been on fire lately. In the first ten weeks of the season, he has had the highest completion rate of the NFL’s quarterbacks with a total of 69% of his passes completed. The next closest QB is Trevor Lawrence from the Jacksonville Jaguars who has a completion rate of 58%. Jones also leads the NFL rookie quarterbacks with the highest number of snaps with a total of 638. And most impressive is that he leads the league in the most touchdown passes for any of the rookie QBs.

Another thing about Mac Jones is that right now he is the favorite to win offensive rookie of the year. He has the best odds out of all of the rookies and the next closest to him is Jammar Chase from the Cincinnati Bengals who is also been having a good season.

One thing that Tom Brady did as rookie that Patriots fans hope Mac Jones can do is to lead the team to another SuperBowl championship. Brady did this in his rookie season in 2000. Patriot fans are hoping that Jones can bring them to a SuperBowl as they have not been to one since 2018.

The only downside to Jones’ play is that he has thrown a total of 13 interceptions. Patriot fans, though, are giving him the benefit of the doubth chalking up the interceptions as to first year jitters.

While some critcs still wonder if Jones could really be the Patriots next Tom Brady, the because right now the stats are saying he could be and that is something for patriots fans to be excited for.