Should we have to wear masks for this upcoming basketball season?

Hannah Willar '25, Contributing Writer

Basketball season is just around the corner and everyone is anxiously waiting to know if masks are required while playing.

The most recent updates on mask mandates for sports in Massachusetts show that outdoor sports are optional, however, indoor sports are needed as of August 26, 2021.

Masks, in my opinion, are already a challenge for individuals on a daily basis, so adding them to sprinting, fast movement, and other sports will make them ten times more difficult to play.

While you break down the parts, you’ll see that when people are on the court, they’re only in close contact with their peers for less than a minute, if that. Not only is there a minimal of interaction, but everyone is spaced out.

If masks are going to play a part in the forthcoming season, they should figure out a clever method to include them without detracting from the sport’s fun factor. One solution might be able to keep them off when on the court, but when subs come in and out, we’ll be told to put them on while on the bench.

I know from personal experience that playing with masks is a struggle and that it takes a lot of the fun out of the game when you can barely breathe. Masks were not necessary in some locations where I played during my previous season, which made the game much more enjoyable.

I know the question stays wondering what happens with vaccinated and unvaccinated players, so there could be a possible way where vaccinated and unvaccinated players can settle with a decision on if masks are needed in their game or not.

I know that safety precautions are a definite need and should be considered, so another solution could be to

Currently as of now our athletic director, Mrs. DiCarlo has informed me that we are requiring masks for indoor sports until further notice.