The Atlanta Hawks: Championship Contender Team

Alec Desrosiers '25, Contributing Writer

With an amazing start to the NBA season (4-1), the Atlanta Hawks are a very well coached team with a bunch of chemistry distributed among players. Trae Young, the franchise point guard for the Atlanta Hawks is the main guy. Young is coming off a career season, averaging over 28 PPG and one of the top leaders for assists right behind veteran guard Russel Westbrook.

The Atlanta Hawks are an unselfish, pass first team. For the 3 guard Bodgan Bogdanovic is the most consistent shooter in the NBA, he is one of the best spot-up shooters in the league today. Bogdan has been putting up shooting percentages similar to veteran guard Stephen Curry, and all-star Bradley Beal. Nate Mcmillen, the head coach of the Hawks is a very well educated NBA coach, with his experience he is able to distribute knowledge about the game to younger players.

With a great shooting guard, the Atlanta Hawks have a skilled combo guard Kevin Huerter. Huerter displays a lot of talent on the court and is the perfect addition to Young. Kevin Huerter usually gets his points off second chance points (shots off an offensive rebound). His contribution to the team really helps them space out the court and helps them secure games. With a great backcourt, the Atlanta Hawks have an amazing front court.

The Hawks have one of the most talented defenses in the league, carried by the two big men. John Collins, the superstar power forward is one of the top contenders in leading the league in blocks this season. His defense makes a huge impact to their team and contributes to their wins. Finally, the superstar center Clint Capela stands at 6’10. The all star center is a great fit to Young’s offensive game. Young’s favorite offensive play is a high pick and roll but finishing it off an alley-oop slam finish. This play really freezes the defense and is very intimidating when Capela runs down the lane. Capela finished last season as the head leader for rebounds per game (14.6). Capela was leading the league in front of superstar players like Anthony Davis and Joel Embiid. He was also very high up in the voting for defensive player of the year. Capela averaged over 3 blocks a game and forced many turnovers last season. With strong chemistry, the Atlanta Hawks will run the regular season.

Although they are now 9-9, their offense is still one of the best coordinated offensives in the league. With teamwork and a great coaching ability, this team will last long well into the NBA playoffs.