Anna and the French Kiss–a modern twist on a Parisian Love Story


Kealy Fay '24 and Sasha Sklar '24

Are you someone who enjoys an enchanting teen romance read, or are you a lover of Paris? Then Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins is the book for you! Pekins story follows a girl by the name of Anna, who is expecting to live a typical life in Atlanta, Georgia where she grew up. To her surprise, her father sends her to a boarding school in France. At first, Anna is distraught. She is forced to leave her mom and brother where she has grown up. The thought of being on the other side of the Atlantic, away from all that she has known her whole life, scares her.

She moves into her life and grows comfortable with her new school, while starting to become acclimated with her new found friend group. Anna goes through the expected friendship troubles while discovering herself and the person she is becoming due to her new surroundings. St. Clair, Mer, Josh and Rashmi are returning students at SOAP (School of American in Paris) and take Anna in quickly. Anna displays immense self growth and encourages exposure to uncomfortable situations in order to find the good things in life.

The book is light-hearted and a fun read! It also has a fast pace, so it’s not boring, but it’s slow enough for the reader to stay engaged. Anna’s growth is highlighted throughout the book, as she takes on more and more new challenges. From moving to Paris for a boarding school to taking on new relationships and friendships, her character growth is emphasized throughout the book. Her change of character is super intriguing, and keeps characters hooked as she undergoes all of these major life changes.

Stephanie Perkins uses the setting of the boarding school to her advantage, often utilizing existing French sites such as The Louvre to create a beautiful, romantic setting for this love story. The story feeds into the popular romanticization of the city and creates another fantasy for teenagers to go after. This is most definitely a chick-lit book and is perfect for a reader who likes romance and happy endings! Perkins is the author of 6 other books, including a companion novel to Anna and the French Kiss called Lola and the Boy Next Door.

This book is an enjoyable read, Perkins creates this journey for Anna that hooks the reader from the start, and continues to engage the reader chapter after chapter. This turning point in Anna’s life is a page turner, full of romance and drama! We loved the sweet and playful adventure that Anna goes on, and the bubbly energy the book gives us readers. The glorification of teen romance in this book brings the reader to a fictional, yet, realistic world that allows them to escape from their reality, making it appealing for anyone looking to take a break from modern day stressors.

The next time you stop in at the library or the book store, make sure to pick up a copy of Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins to begin your own Parisian love story!