The Lobby Observer Editorial: The Racist Graffiti Found at WHS


The Lobby-O Editorial Staff condemns any act of racism at WHS. The Nov 18, 2021 racist graffiti found in one of the stairwells is not the first act of hate in the WHS community. We as a community must do better to create a safe, inclusive, learning environment for all students. During this time, we must take initiative to educate ourselves. As a staff, we would like to see further action steps by the administration to help educate, inform, and support all of the students, faculty, and staff at WHS. We would like the administration to consider leading us in further action to combat the systemic racism we as a community are enduring. The Lobby-O Editorial Staff wants every WHS student to know that we are a space for their voices to be heard. As a high school newspaper, we aim to give a platform to all voices, and we will continue to share articles written by WHS students about their experiences with racism.