Winter Treats: Dunk’s Toasted White Chocolate Latte is a Must Try; but skip the mini pancakes

Delaney Vallee 24, Contributing Writer

Looking for a tasty morning treat that will be sure to get you excited for winter? Then Dunkin Donuts is the place to be, with their new and improved winter menu.  With brand new drink items like toasted white chocolate lattes, white mocha hot chocolate, and returning peppermint mocha flavoring, there’s a drink for everybody! To go along with these drinks, there are new pancake minis and cranberry orange muffins.


After reading about these new menu items, I couldn’t resist but go and try some of these treats! I ordered the pancake minis and a toasted white chocolate latte. 


The mini pancakes come with six and a packet of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup. I had high hopes for this snack; however, I was quite disappointed that they weren’t nearly as good as I thought they would be. I expected them to be soft and fluffy, but when I bit into them they were slightly tough  and were very flat.  Without syrup they had little to no flavor, and with syrup they still didn’t have much taste.


The one positive factor was how warm and fresh they seemed when first given to me. It appeared like they were freshly made in the kitchen, and yet, they didn’t taste very homemade.


To go with my pancakes I got the toasted white chocolate latte. It comes with whipped cream, but you have the option to remove it. It also originally comes with whole milk, though you can change it if you prefer a different type. I was nervous to taste this drink at first because I typically only include minimal flavoring in my coffees.  To my surprise it was amazing. After the not so great pancakes, the coffee made up for it.


It had the perfect amount of sweetness, and it was so rich and creamy. The white chocolate taste wasn’t too strong and the roast had a slightly burnt taste; both paired extremely well together. The only thing I would change is to get less milk in it, so I could have a stronger coffee taste. Overall, I would recommend this item to anyone who likes a sweet and creamy coffee. It definitely made up for the pancakes, which I would not recommend.


If you’re ever looking for a coffee that will get you into the winter spirit, then go to Dunkin Donuts and get the toasted white chocolate latte. I can guarantee it will be a popular drink this year!