Student Council’s New Event at WHS this Week: Fest of Feathers


Matthew Willar '22, Co-Editor

Starting this Thursday, Student Council is bringing a new event to the high school: The Feast of Feathers. 

At lunches from this Thursday through next Tuesday, Stuco will be selling feathers to be placed on a teacher’s “plate.” The teacher with the most feathers at the end of the day on Tuesday will have to wear a turkey costume to school next Wednesday for the entire school day. Which teacher do you want to see wearing the turkey costume? 

Feathers cost $1 for four feathers. Teachers have the option to remove a feather from their “plate” for $1. All proceeds will go to the Westborough Food Pantry. 

So, get ready to see who is going to be a turkey next Wednesday, and support Stuco in their fundraiser for the Westborough Food Pantry.