Birddogs Clothing: Versatility and Comfort

Evan Fallon '23, Contributing Writer

What is Birddogs? Although this name might lead to different thoughts, Birddogs is actually a clothing company. The company was founded in 2014 by Peter Baldwin. First launched in NY and still resides there today. They specialize in pants and shorts. These shorts and pants are designed by former lululemon designer Jeffery Thrasher. 

What makes these shorts so special is they have a built-in liner, which frees men from the inconvenience of having to wear underwear. These liners are not only way more comfortable than normal underwear but they are also very breathable. Birddogs’ shorts are for highly active people. They are versatile for those who like to go on runs, and then go to a high-class restaurant hours later. They are great for those who don’t like to change throughout the day.

My uncle, grandfather, and I all own some Birddogs. So far everyone in my family who owns them seems to love them. They have something for everyone as they offer many different styles of shorts and pants. We all agree that they are, “the best shorts and pants we have owned.” 

The one downside is they are quite pricy as pants run about $100 and shorts $60, which is understandable as they use only high-quality material. 

Recently these shorts have picked up a lot of attention from the general public. This year they were featured on season 9 of Shark Tank. Although they failed to secure a deal, they picked up lots of recognition and the company has continued to grow. 



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