New Netflix Series: Squid Game, Twist on Child’s Play, A Must Watch

Squid Game was released on September 17 on Netflix and is a Korean based tv series directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk and is an action TV-MA series. It has been an instant hit with 142 million households streaming the show. Season one has nine episodes running roughly 50 minutes long. 

The show is based in Korea with the main character Cho Sang-Woo who is struggling to stay in contact with his daughter who will be moving to the US with her mother and step-father. The father loves to gamble all his money away and is in serious debt. When one day a man comes up to Cho Sang-Woo and offers him to play a game. There are two cards, one is blue and the other red. You can decide what color you want to play with. 

The purpose of the game is to flip the other card with the power and wind of your card. If you don’t flip the other player’s card you lose. In this case, the man offered Cho Sang-Woo some money and if he lost he would be slapped. Woo wasn’t the best at the game and got slapped a handful of times until he won and earned his money. Later on in the evening, Woo received an invitation to play the squid game. Squid game is where all people in severe debt travel to an island and play kids games to win a cash prize. Little do the contestants know that there is a fatal consequence after each game. 


Yael Bugaev’s thoughts:

I think that this was a great show to watch. I finished the whole thing in just a day and couldn’t stop watching it. At first, I wasn’t really interested in watching it but was then convinced by a few friends. When I started watching it with my friends I couldn’t stop. There was so much suspense in the first episode and more and more suspense just built up till the end. The plot of the whole show was just crazy to even think of. Having people who are deep in debt put themselves into some “game” without knowing where they are going, what the game is, or what the prize is, or even knowing the consequences. Absolutely insane right? The sets are designed to look like animation; and they were just spot-on amazing. I have never seen anything like this show. I would give this show a 10/10. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. You are really missing out if you don’t watch it. 


Carolyn Gencarelli thoughts:

I was locked in when I started watching this show. The suspense started to build as I watched. There are lots of unexpected scenes that left me shocked. Overall I would rank this show a 9/10, some parts I was a little confusing and gory, but in total it was a great watch, and I would 100% recommend it to others.

Squid Game has also inspired the making of Squid Game apps for your phone, that you can download and play. It has also sparked a trend on Tik Tok, where you try to complete one of the challenges. This challenge is where you take a Dalgona which is a Korean candy and you try to carve the shape out using a needle. Squid Game is a great mystery and suspense show, if you are into this genre I definitely recommend it. 

Squid Game is a very unique show, it contains similarities to The Hunger Games, the concept of winning money and playing child games is different, the graphics are also more dystopian. The theme of money obsession and greed shows the betrayals and alliances through the show, mixed within the survival of the fittest. There hasn’t been talk about a season 2 release yet, but we are hoping for one.