Coach Anderson: Varsity Volleyball Coach and Wellness Expert


Amy Morin

Coach Anderson standing with some of his players at a recent match.

Mr. Roger Anderson, better known as Coach Anderson, is the Director of Wellness for the Westborough Public schools along with being the head varsity volleyball coach for over 22 years now.

“Seeing the people they grow up and become, and hoping that some part of their experience here helped them become who they have become,” Anderson expressed when asked about being involved in the volleyball community. 

Throughout Coach Anderson’s time at WHS, he has been a public figure and a role model who pushes his players to the best of their ability. 

Varsity player junior Kate Capello says, “He challenges us every day, and pushes us to be the best version of ourselves.” 

Anderson said his favorite part of being a coach and being part of the wellness world here at WHS is “going to bed at night hoping and feeling that maybe that I impacted a young person’s life positively; that is why I coach what I coach.”

In Anderson’s opinion, being a relentless learner is the best trait a player can have. It’s like climbing a ladder to get to a trap door and when you finally reach the top there is another ladder.  Anderson can be heard using this analogy when teaching his girls how to learn and “never stop until they gain mastery.”

Currently, Westborough Volleyball is a division two sport and ranks number one in the state. They are the team to beat as everyone is striving to steal their spot. Coach Anderson thinks this is a very amazing feeling and accomplishment to have.