Teacher Profile: English Teacher Ms. Frega

Meredith Swanson'24, Contributing Writer

Ms. Frega is a natural at teaching and is arguably one of Westborough High School’s most spirited teachers. However, she hasn’t always been this enthusiastic about teaching. Frega was raised in a small town in New Jersey on the outskirts of New York City. Here, she discovered her passion for reading, writing, and learning. Frega knew she wanted to pursue a creative yet impactful career, but when questioned about teaching she claimed it sounded boring. However, in her senior year of college, she accepted the role as a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) and her mindset suddenly changed 

Frega’s official teaching career started when she was 21, teaching 17-18 year olds at a small private school on the Cape. The kids were just three to four years younger than her, making this experience abnormal, but she adjusted. At the school, she didn’t just specialize in English; she specialized in five different subjects. 5  Frega moved from teaching on the Cape to teaching in Westborough in 2019, where she has resided for the past 3 years.

Frega describes her teaching environment as a safe and welcoming space, where creativity can soar. She also describes it as a place where students can take risks. Outside of her classroom, Frega can be found playing outside with her son and husband, shopping, at Starbucks, or cooking in her kitchen. She additionally loves to read and work in her garden. Other than being a talented writer and English teacher, she and her husband often work together on sketches and comics for newspapers and magazines. Some of their work has even been published in Reader’s Digest! 

Frega starts her school days off by getting her toddler out of bed and getting him ready for the day. She claims, “If no one cries or gets hurt, that’s always a win!” She arrives at WHS, teaches, and chats with her colleagues until the bell rings at 2:37. Once she arrives home she likes to focus on spending time with family, whether it be with her son or her husband. 

Frega considers her biggest personal role models to be her caring and resilient mother and her hard-working husband. She admires how charitable her mother is and how much she cares for her community and the people around her. Frega also loves her husband’s work ethic and claims both of these people have impacted her life in many ways. 

Frega’s intellectual role model is Emily Dickinson. She likes that she wasn’t willing to give up what she loved to conform to what society expected of her.  

If Frega could give advice to any of her students, she would say “Don’t obsess over your grades, be more passionate about learning and growing.” The smartest kids let themselves enjoy what they are doing more. Listen closer to your inner voice and try to figure out yourself what makes you happy”.