An Inside Look at One of WHS’s Journalism/English Teachers: Mrs. Stoker


Matt McCarthy '19

Mrs. Stoker, her son Seamus and her daughter meet up with WHS Alum Matt McCarthy at UNH. Mrs. Stoker’s son was touring UNH.

Hansini Iyer '25, Contributing Writer

After four years of teaching high school students English in Plaistow, New Hampshire, a young Kathleen Stoker decided to return to her home state of Massachusetts. Mrs. Stoker was hired by WHS. Now, 22 years later, Mrs. Stoker is known at the school for her journalism classes, senior class Poetry seminar, and Psychology in Lit seminar. As a writer for her high school and college newspapers, she found that she had an avid interest in journalism. That love for the subject carried her to now where she keeps a teacher blog and co-writes teacher-related articles.

Mrs. Stoker has taught all grades. Currently, she teaches Journalism I and II, Advanced Journalism, and a couple of senior seminars. She is also the club advisor to WHS online school newspaper, The Lobby Observer.

Mrs. Stoker shares that “The school newspaper is really the voice, or voices, of the high school community.”

Stoker says that she is inspired by poet Maya Angelou and athlete Tom Brady, for the passion they hold for their respective crafts and their individuality. Stoker is also inspired by her students, whose perseverance and hard work help steer her teaching and life to be the best it can be.

Inspired by her mother who was a college professor, and Mrs. Ligon, Mrs. Stoker’s high school English teacher, Mrs. Stoker values the relationship that can form between her and her students.

A graduate of New Hampshire University and Dean College, Stoker says, “I have previously taught college-level classes at Dean College, and I would like to go back eventually.”

Some of Stoker’s interests include spending time with her kids, Seamus (17) and Molly (13), reading, going to the beach or mountains, spending time with friends, drinking tea, watching shows on Hulu or Netflix, and spending time with her husband.

When asked if she had any meaningful words she would like to share with other students, Stoker responds with the journalism motto, “Maximise the truth and minimize the harm” (Poynter Institute) and “I know it sounds cliche but, ‘be yourself’ or ‘be you.’”