WHS Alum Luke Capello ’21, Rising Professional Actor

Kate Capello '23

Taking new life-changing steps toward an acting career, is Westborough High School Alum, Luke Capello. Capello is a freshman at Boston University and is an acting major in the School of Theater. His plans after college include moving to either Los Angeles, New York City, or even London and becoming a working, successful actor.

Even though Capello’s time at WHS came to a close this past year, he still recalls his moments at the high school to be some of the most memorable of his life. He had two completely different experiences during his time at WHS, a normal freshman and sophomore years and then a junior and senior year like none other.

Capello describes attending high school during a pandemic as “It was comfortable, not a good comfortable.”

He also added that there was so much disconnection between everyone, especially with the separated cohorts. But teachers like Mr. Brown and Mr. Perryman made it better.

Capello still had some of his favorite moments at WHS despite the pandemic. One of the main times was joining WHS’s Centerstage Program. Capello took part in many productions such as The Diviners and The Drowsy Chaperone. He also got third place in Mr. WHS his senior year.

Now at B.U., Capello is adjusting to a new part of his life and enjoying the hot tub in the fitness center. He has also found interest in his “Locals” class, where they all perform different acts for each other. He also has enjoyed meeting upperclassmen and hanging out with his new friends.

Capello describes the difference between college and high school as insane.

“It’s nuts,” he adds.

In Westborough, even if you don’t know everyone, everyone has had a similar experience being in the Westborough school systems, something in common that they all share. He also shares that the environment can be completely new depending on where you go as he went from suburban Westborough to a city, which is always noisy, less nature, more pretty indoor spaces, and restaurants.

If he could tell his high school freshman self one thing, it would be to do more trips and go away from home more because it would have set him up for college better. If he could tell his senior self one thing, it would be to spend less time on electronics because at the end of the day so much of that time went to waste. Also try to reach out to more underclassmen even during the pandemic.

All in all, Capello relishes his college experience so far and cannot wait for what his future holds.