Guidance Counselor Ms. D’Urbano: Helping Students One Day at a Time

Hannah Wallace '25, Contributing Writer

As a third year educator, guidance counselor Ms. D’Urbano is a true asset to the WHS community. Ever since a young age, Ms. D’Urbano has always felt drawn to teaching. However with an introverted personality, rather than conducting a classroom, she found an interest in working one on one with students.

Throughout Ms. D’Urbano’s childhood, her role model mother raised her family as a single mom; a result of her parents’ divorce.

Ms. D’Urbano comments, “She always made sure we had everything, she gave us so much love, the strength that she has I admire.”

With the support from others, and a driven desire to help students, Ms. D’Urbano became the first in her family to attend college, at Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. She majored in psychology, and achieved a master’s degree in school counseling.

When asking Ms. D’Urbano what she values most about school counseling, she shares, “Being that person that is always on their side, always on their team.”

To her, this acts as a reward in and of itself.

Outside of the teaching world, Ms. D’Urbano enjoys a multitude of tv shows including Manifest and Law and Order. Ms. D’Urbano also expresses a love of reading, especially murder mysteries, or even romance novels from authors such as Nicholas Sparks.

Ms. D’Urbano continues to touch many students’ lives, as she says, “I’ve heard from some students that after seeing me their day was more manageable and they were able to regulate themselves and they feel like I really help. I was able to assist when they were feeling stressed.”