New Texas Law: Women’s Rights Are Being Taken Away

Karol Arevalo ‘23 and Alixe Cecchini ‘23, Tech Editor and Lead Tech Editor

Recently Texas passed a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Something to keep in mind is that most women don’t know they are pregnant until around six weeks. The law states that if the impregnated person goes through with the abortion after six weeks, someone has the legal authority to sue them, even after the abortion has happened. And a legal case can still be opened within four years of the abortion taking place. Women should be able to chose what happenes to their own bodies without having the fear of what maybe happen to them physically, emotionally and legally.

With more women’s choices being both limited and taken away, many young women will be negatively affected–especially with their physical and mental health. Under the new law, women who are assaulted and raped and then get pregnant will be forced to have the baby.

Banning abortions won’t stop women from trying to get an aborton; it will cause women to get an abortion in an unsafe way. If these women are forced to give birth, the implications for the child can also be harmful. It is not okay to take away women’s rights.

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