Girls’ Volleyball Starts their Season Off with a Bang

Steph Hogan '23 and Lily Vaughan '23

Westborough High’s varsity volleyball team has always been a standout sports team at WHS. They have won state championships, and have had many successful seasons throughout the years. With many Covid restrictions lifted, the 2021 team is ready for a normal season to return instead of their atypical season last year. The biggest difference between last season and this season is the ability for fans to watch and cheer on the team. 

The girls hit the court for their first game at Shrewsbury High on September 9th and did not fall short of an amazing game. Winning all three sets, the Rangers swept the Colonials 3-0 and left the Shrewsbury student section noiseless. Even the Westborough student section, described by one of the fans as being “one-third the size of Shrewsbury’s student fan section”, was there to cheer them on. 

With a clean sweep under their belt, the team headed into their second game at Bishop Feehan High and again emerged with a well-deserved 3-0 win.

Coach Roger Anderson shares his perspective on the start of the season, “These few wins are setting the tone and expectations for us moving forward. All fourteen girls are continuing down the path of daily improvement, both individually, and as a team”.

The Rangers are prepared to face tough competition with a strong lineup of talented players. Junior Shannon Clark was at the top of the coach’s list for players to keep an eye out for. A player who is truly dedicated to the sport and team, Clark is a versatile setter who can easily adapt to any given pass to make a remarkable setup for sophomore Quinn Anderson to take the kill (also known as a spike). Anderson, a sophomore and a potential D1 candidate, has risen to be a key part of Westborough victories. With a strong, accurate arm for spiking, she’s unstoppable.

The talent extends farther than the front line; libero Melissa Kuang, an exceptional senior who has risen to the occasion and has worked hard for the past three years to earn the spot she has now. As this is her final season on the volleyball team, Kuang reflects on the great team atmosphere and coaches she’s had to help her along the way.

Kuang shares, “One thing my coach says that resonates with me through games and practices is he says to go forty for forty. This basically means to put all your effort into 40/40 points. Go for every ball. Even if I can’t get it, I know my team will always be there for me and never be disappointed in me. This pushes me to go hard and go for everything.”

The additional bonus of now having spectators in person is also a success for this season.

Junior Shannon Clark shares, “It feels amazing having spectators back in the stands. I think last year, without fans, our team did a great job of bringing our own energy. Now that fans are back, we have double the energy and are extra grateful.”

By the looks of it, the Rangers have an exciting season ahead of them. With 12 regular-season games left to play, Dig Pink, and hopefully a chance at the statewide playoffs, the Rangers are in a great place.

Coach Anderson states his goals for the season are to “get better every day and feel prepared to do things when it matters most”.

Be sure to come and show your support for the Westborough Rangers for their upcoming season! 

*Volleyball schedule can be found on Lobby-O’s “Calendar” section*