The Class of 2022: Running into a Traditional Senior Year


Renee Thompson

Senior Class of 2022 running to WHS

Kiley Vallee '22, Co-Editor

The Class of 2022 was in high spirits this past Wednesday on their “last first day” of school, as traditions that were altered due to COVID circumstances last year were in full swing. Last year, the Class of 2021 had a socially-distanced, split-up into groups, and fully masked parade that wasn’t able to be held on the first day of school since the first two weeks were fully remote. With new Covid-19 rules and regulations, this year’s seniors had optional mask wearing outdoors and were able to do their annual parade tradition unified on the first day of school: in person and with full attendance. 

In the grand scheme, the Class of 2022 had low expectations of what their senior year would look like. They had had a completely normal freshman year where they watched all the traditions the seniors partake in at WHS. All were hopeful until Covid-19 abruptly made part of their sophomore year remote, and caused a virtual and hybrid learning environment during junior year. It’s safe to say that nobody knew what to expect come senior year. 

Senior Sophie Scerbin recounted her expectations, “I honestly thought we were going to get less than we did. I expected separated groups, no congregation, and certainly not the ability to not wear masks outside.”

The seniors paraded a loop from Ruggles to Charles Street to the high school in their tie dye shirts and colorful accessories. Parents lined the streets to watch their teenagers make their way into senior year. After the parade, the Class of 2022 congregated at the football field to take their traditional graduating class number photo. After some photos, they were given a complimentary continental breakfast–a non-traditional, yet fun surprise. 

“To be able to come together as a grade was really something special now that we only have limited time together,” Scerbin added.

At the end of the day, the grade had an assembly where Class President Sasha Wilkinson and Student Council President Alex Goldberg gave speeches. They highlighted their goals to make up for the lost time and activities due to Covid, as well as their hopeful outlook for our last high school year. 

The pair mentioned having a Homecoming dance, prom, and many of the traditional senior activities throughout the year.

“It was a meaningful experience and I really appreciated the chance to talk to our class about our shared experiences in Westborough and the year ahead including all that Student Council has planned,” Goldberg remarked.

With stressful college applications and future planning coming up, the Class of ‘22 will also participate in the fun senior traditions past classes have looked forward to throughout the school year.