Summer is Just Around the Corner- Here are Some Job Ideas!


Ben Grossman '22, Executive Producer

Looking to fill your time this summer and make some extra money in the process? Summer jobs are great for high schoolers, as they teach responsibility, money management and people skills; all of which are important before adulthood.
Many summer jobs create outdoor environments to enjoy the warm weather, making for a fun experience. Some of the most popular summer jobs are being a waiter, a camp counselor, lifeguarding, or working at a sports game, just to name a few.
Westborough Youth Baseball/Softball umpiring is a great choice for any baseball or softball players interested in working with younger athletes. The best part about it is that you’re doing something you enjoy, plus they often hire umpires who are younger than high school meaning you can work earlier.
Westborough High student, Colin West spoke about his experience over the past 3 years of being an umpire. He got the job as an eighth grader and has worked every Summer since, “I enjoyed making my own schedule and being paid in full cash without tax.” If you want to make some easy cash, being an ump is a great job.”
Another job option is waiting/hosting tables. Though this is a four-season job, most restaurants open up patios in the summer so people can sit outside. There are tons of options in Westborough: the Civic Kitchen, Arturos, Tavolinos, Westborough House of Pizza, and Uno’s. As a former busboy/waiter I can confirm that working outside and checking on people eating is a great way to spend the summer. You can bond with different people, and gain tons of experience along the way.
Lifeguarding is an awesome summer job, specifically for those who love to tan and sit by the pool. Although lifeguard certification does take time and money, lots of people love lifeguarding due to the salary. Lifeguards make an average of $15 per hour, which is much above the state minimum wage. Lifeguarding is also great for those who like to be sure everyone is staying safe.
Don’t want to get lifeguard-certified? Working on a lake as a dock-hand is a great summer option. Although there are no major lakes in Westboro, Lake Quinsigamond is only 20 minutes away and is constantly looking for people to help on docks. Other options include Hopkinton State Park and Breezy Picnic Grounds. Tying up boats and filling up gas cans are the main duties of being a dock-hand. Plus, there are other jobs, like working the concession, or helping with rentals that are available.
Among all summer jobs, being a camp counselor is by far the best in my opinion. Counselors are always playing sports, making arts and crafts, and basking in the sun. Being a camp counselor is incredible training for anyone who wants to have a future in education or childcare as the entire point of being a camp counselor is to be sure young campers stay safe while learning new activities and enjoying themselves. I like how I get to make an impact on the kids and see them learn something new while enjoying themselves, it’s super rewarding.
When asked about her favorite part of working at a camp, WHS sophomore Emily Coffey shared her opinion, “It’s rewarding because the kids look up to you and everything you’re doing, for example a little girl said she was looking forward to seeing me next year and asked for my email to keep in touch.”
The most important thing with obtaining a summer job is applying. Lots of people want jobs but only apply to one place and give up if they get declined. In some cases, it will take a dozen applications to have one job accept you. Local businesses are always looking for help and are constantly hiring, so why not try?
You really can’t go wrong with getting a summer job. Whether it’s one of these jobs, or another, there will for sure be an option that fits your interests!