WHS Student Council Ready for an exciting year with Newly Elected Eboard

Matthew Willar '22, Co-Editor

Earlier this month, the WHS Student Council elected their new Executive Board (Eboard) for the 2021-2022 school year. A very intense election night ultimately came down to the full council’s vote with 11 people elected to serve on next year’s Eboard.

After a year of mostly virtual events, the new Eboard is ready to bring back the ‘stuco energy’ that student council prides itself on.

Leading the new Eboard is President Alex Goldberg. Regarding some of his main goals for next year, Goldberg states, “Ultimately we’re just looking to help rebuild a vibrant school community through lots of fun and engaging events.

Julia Desmond will be serving as Stuco’s Vice President, Tiffany Zheng as Secretary, and Kevin Xu as Treasurer. Kylah Rice will be serving as Stuco’s Events Overseer, Matthew Willar as Fundraising Overseer, and Liam Johnson as Community Service Overseer.

Willar remembers his first year on council as “the best experience of his life”, and states regarding next year, “I am very excited to bring back the stuco energy that was given to me my freshman year to all of the new stuco members who have yet to experience the amazing stuco atmosphere.” 

Secretary Tiffany Zheng is “excited to be able to reintroduce the events that we just weren’t able to do this year. Being able to have more events in person will be a game changer and I feel like the incoming members will truly be able to feel welcome and experience the school spirit!” 

Rounding out the Eboard are Michelle Hung, Julia Goretti, and Danna Garcia, who will be serving as Stuco’s Historian, Communications Overseer, and Member at Large, respectively. Garcia, one of the four non-seniors on the board, comments, “I’m looking forward to getting a full-year student council experience. The last few months with things opening back up have given us a glimpse of what our year could look like, and I’m excited for the opportunity to bond with the council and the rest of the student body.” 

Skylar Gravell was recently elected to the state student council board as a MASC State Delegate, and she will be serving on Westborough’s Student Council’s Eboard as the MASC Liaison. Gravell will be serving on two executive boards and is looking forward to a great year next year for both Westborough and the state. Gravell states regarding next year, “I’m most excited about rebuilding the energy and school spirit for this upcoming year, and making my last year in high school the best it can be!”

Next year is going to be challenging, as just a few members on next year’s council have been able to experience a full year on Stuco. The Eboard is going to be faced with many challenges, but there is no doubt that they will make next year a year to remember.

For anyone who is interested in being on Westborough’s Student Council or Class Office next year, check Stuco’s recent Instagram post @whs_stuco_.

Eboard is looking forward to an exciting Stuco year, and can’t wait to bring back school spirit to the high school!