Tee Grizzley’s ‘Built for Whatever’ Reaches Beyond Expectations

Thomas Gagnon '22, Contributing Writer

There’s only one word that can describe Tee Grizzley’s music career so far: Consistent. Album after album, Grizzley has only gotten better. This Friday was no different, as Grizzley released his new album “Built For Whatever”. Being a highly anticipated album, the Detroit rapper has brought satisfaction to a lot of his listeners. 


The introduction to an album is highly important. Grizzley starts out very strong with “Grizzley Talk”. Filled with excitement, adrenaline, and emotion, this is a very typical beginning to a Tee Grizzley album. “Built to Last”, which is track #3, is very similar to “Grizzley Talk”. They both start out slow, and then the tension drastically builds as Grizzley raps with far more emotion. This variety of music Grizzley brings seems to result in much success, as both of these tracks are relatively similar to “First Day Out”, and “The Smartest Intro”, two of Grizzley’s best pieces. 


Built For Whatever” consists of a very strong and diverse group of features. Quavo and Young Dolph feature with each other. YNW Melly, Big Sean, Lil Tjay, and more were also featured in Grizzley’s album. These rappers each have a name for themselves in the rap world, and certainly played a key factor in making this album very successful. 


A  very significant feature was Track #2’s “Not Gone Play”, which featured the late King Von who died towards the end of 2020. This track was again filled with tons of intensity, along with a very strong and solid beat. “Not Gone Play” isn’t much of a standout song on Grizzley’s album, however including King Von was very exciting. 


Some songs are certainly skippable, although, including tracks that are different from others is always acceptable; track 17 “Change” was almost too different from other tracks. The Beginning was good quality, but the rest was far too repetitive, and repetition doesn’t bring out the best from Grizzley. If there was one song that missed, “Change” would undoubtedly be the one. Still, not every track was going to bring satisfaction. Grizzley still showed a lot of consistency, which is expected. 


If there was one track to listen to from “Built For Whatever”, Track #9 “Evictions” would likely be on the top of the list. This track consists of an upbeat in which Grizzley strived throughout the entirety. It’s different from his most famous work, yet this track will likely be one of the best from his new album. 


Grizzley never ceases to amaze his fans with his work. He continues to improve in a lot of areas in his career. Day after day, Grizzley continues to prove why he’s one of the best in the business, and his career certainly has a promising future.