Flannel Shirts Continue to Trend

Carter Bentley, Contributing Writer

Once a cool style for Dads back in high school during the 1990s, the flannel has come back in style like it never left. Flannels are usually a button up woven fabric, with a pattern of colors and different variants. Nowadays people usually wear flannels over a hoodie in the winter time as a nice dress-casual school outfit. If you walk down the Westborough High School halls during the winter, tons of kids are dressed up in flannel shirts over a sweatshirt.

Flannels were once known as old-men fashion, and now you can see a kid in every high school hallway wearing a flannel around school.

My dad jumped in on the topic and shared, “ You know, style is always in a constant moving circle of being cool, and being uncool. When you first asked to buy a flannel in the store I was shocked because I use to wear those in college and high school, and it’s crazy to think about how anything can jump back in style just like that.”

The flannel shirt was originally made for working class men, like lumber jacks and people working outside doing high labor jobs. Flannels were suppose to keep you warm from all the cold winters in the north. They were also solely made for men and only men would wear them. Although now the stereotype about who wears flannels has drastically changed from a working person’s attire to a fashionable trend for anyone.

Worcester Academy student George Proffit says, “Flannels have now became an everyday shirt for me. Whenever I want to have a casual fit or if I am going out, I just throw on a flannel and I automatically look 10 times better. Everyone has a flannel at Worcester Academy it’s crazy.”

The love of flannel shirts doesn’t just stop at Westborough, you see them on social media and wherever you travel. Flannel shirts cost as low as $17 and as high as over $100.

Senior Jared Francisose says, “Love the flannel. It makes me look good and feel good.”