WHS Sophomore Profile: Keily Elizabeth Urizabal Ventura


Lucas Diaz '22, Contributing Writer

Keily Elizabeth Urizabal Ventura is a sophomore at WHS. She is originally from Guatemala and EL Salvador and she is 16 years old.

She likes to travel this year and she wants to visit California because California has beautiful beaches and delicious mexican food.

Ventura likes playing sports. She likes baseball and soccer. She speaks Spanish, and she is learning to speak English.

Her favorite foods are pasta, avocados, and tacos.

She likes living here in the United States, and she also misses Guatemala and her friends. Her big dream is to graduate from WHS. Ventura also wants to buy a house and car and be independent.

Lastly, she wants to help her family in the future when she graduates from WHS. She wants to work as a veterinarian, because she loves puppies.