NHS: COVID Addition

Emily Bruck '21, Co Editor

Westborough High School’s NHS Club, aka National Honors Society, is a large and busy group of WHS students who strive to contribute to the community through volunteering and leadership. Every year, the NHS officers and teacher advisors receive a steady pool of applicants from mainly the sophomore class and many juniors. This year, with the limits COVID-19 has placed on school-run events, the National Honors Society has made various changes to ensure smooth and safe continuation of service. Hence, the annual NHS Induction Ceremony of new members has required alterations.

I was able to get in touch with our Senior NHS President, Kael Pelletier, who gave me the scoop on how this year’s induction will look, as well as an update on NHS right now, and information about upcoming NHS elections.  

Pelletier has just received the go-ahead from the administration for a full Induction Ceremony outdoors, utilizing the WHS Stadium.

“We’ll be recognizing 2020 and 2021 accepted applicants,” Pelletier says. 

This is exciting considering the cancellation of last year’s induction ceremony due to COVID-19. Admin has approved each inductee bringing two guests, as well as the inclusion of distinguished guests such as Mr. Callaghan. 

With the planning of in-person events comes the complexities of COVID-19, which limits numbers of people as well as requires masks and 6 ft of distance between people. This is not an intense alteration, as Pelletier explains that so far NHS has been able to continue their activities: 

“Despite occasionally dividing up service based on cohort, we’ve only ever needed to maintain the simple requirements of wearing a mask, socially distancing, and encouraging members to stay home if sick,” Pelletier says.

NHS Secretary Mikayla Reitsma adds, “We’ve had to change our requirements for our members, and we’ve created new requirements that we hope can adapt to any circumstances that the NHS will face in the future. Everyone has had to adapt!”

It seems induction will carry this same theme: adaptation. It will maintain its regular running as past years, with the inclusion of COVID precautions. However, it’s nothing students aren’t used to. Pelletier is fully confident that NHS Members and Inductees will again be responsible and follow guidelines, and is thankful induction will run. 

Aside from the induction ceremony, which will be on April 30th at 6:00 pm, NHS has continued its requirements for its members, which is 20 hours per semester.

“Although it’s been tough to find service opportunities, our members have persevered and managed to complete their normal requirements,” Pelletier continues, “I’m proud to say that we’re one of the few groups that has succeeded in those initiatives.”

Pelletier additionally reminds students of the upcoming NHS elections, which will be held on May 14, 2021. 

“I’ve had the honor of working with a tremendous number of individuals who I’d consider excellent candidates for any position.” 

Pelletier is confident of the NHS’s future and urges members to listen and vote for who will run NHS next year so it can be as successful as past years. 

Pelletier is overwhelmed with pride at how well things have run, and he owes it all to his fellow officers,

They’ve allowed me to focus on the big picture and ensure the chapter moves forwards, which wouldn’t have been possible if I needed to take over their responsibilities.”

And to Mrs. Costa, Mrs. Titus, and Mr. Callaghan. Pelletier acknowledges that luck has been on the NHS Club’s side this year, but also owes the club’s success to its members.

They’re part of an honor society, and it shows.”