Press Release from Westborough Youth and Family Sercies: Attention WHS 10th graders

34 West Main Street, Westborough, MA 01581
508-366-3090, [email protected]
ATTENTION: Westborough 10th Grade Residents
FROM: Cara Presley, Director of Youth and Family Services
RE: Youth Commission Seeks Youth Members
DATE: April 12, 2020

The Westborough Youth Commission is seeking two high school students, who will be juniors
during the 2021-2022 school year, to serve as voting members of the Westborough Youth
Commission. Student Youth Commission members take a leadership role in Town government
and provide community service towards the mission of Youth and Family Services, a
department of the Town of Westborough. The mission of Youth and Family Services is to
provide counseling and social services to Westborough residents and to promote behavioral
health and wellness for the entire community.

The Youth Commission is a nine member volunteer board, composed of five adults and four
high school students, appointed by the Board of Selectmen to advocate for the needs of youth,
adults and families in Westborough. The Youth Commission meets monthly with the Director of
Youth and Family Services to guide the direction of the department.

Responsibilities of Youth Commission (YC) Student Members:
• Serve a two-year term, September of junior year (2021) through June of senior year
(2022). Newly appointed members will also be encouraged to attend the June 2021
meeting of the YC, to say farewell to outgoing seniors and to get oriented to the YC.
• Attend monthly YC meetings, usually on the 2nd Monday of each month, in the evenings.
During the COVID pandemic, meetings are held via Zoom at 5:30 PM. When able to
meet in person, the YC may return to the original meeting time of 7:30PM.
• Provide youth perspective and report about the status and needs of local youth.
• Contribute input and feedback regarding development of policies and programming for
Youth and Family Services (YFS).
• Volunteer time to help with YFS and YC programs and activities.
• Serve as ambassador, representing the YC and YFS formally and informally at school and
in the larger community.
• Commit 2-3 hours of time per month to the Youth Commission.
• Attend Town Meeting twice a year.
Qualifications of Youth Commission Student Candidates:
• Current 10th grade student; expected to be a high school junior in the fall of 2021.
• Demonstrated interest in and commitment to at least one of the following: community
service, advocacy, mental health, social and racial justice, political action, government.

To Apply:
• Prior to applying, please explore the Youth & Family Services website to learn more about
YFS and the Youth Commission.
• Submit letter of interest by Thursday, April 29, 5:00PM, to Cara Presley, Director of
Youth and Family Services, via email: [email protected]
• Letter of interest must include:
o Applicant’s full name, phone number and email address
o Explanation of applicant’s interest in becoming a YC member and why the
applicant would be a good fit for the YC
• YFS Director will review letters of interest and contact applicants by email.
• Applicants will attend a brief virtual information session in the week after applications
are received.
• Candidates will then attend a virtual meeting of the Youth Commission on Monday, May
10, 2021, 5:00 PM, to meet current YC members, share about their interest and learn
about the role of YC youth members.
• Following the May 10th YC meeting, the YFS Director and the current Youth Commission
will suubmit recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for two new youth voting
members to be appointed.
To submit applications and to inquire further, contact:
Cara Presley, LICSW
(Pronouns: she/her/hers)
Director of Youth & Family Services
Tel: 508-366-3090
[email protected]