WHS Social Studies Teacher and WHS Alum: Mrs. Miller ’86


Delaney Vallee, Contributing Writer

How often can someone say they’ve been at the same school as a teacher and faculty member for 29 years? For WHS social studies teacher Mrs. Miller this is a reality! Mrs. Miller attended Westborough High School from 1982-1986 as a student, and she considers those four years some of the best of her life. She enthusiastically described her experience as a student at WHS as extremely fun.

“I just enjoyed being there,” she shares.

Mrs. Miller’s favorite parts about her high school experience were spending time with friends, and being a member of the cheer team. Academically, the subjects she enjoyed most were Chemistry, Spanish, History, and English. She loved school and the school environment from the start. Unlike many students, there was no complaining from her when the weekend was coming to a close.

After graduating from WHS in 1986, she attended Providence College and majored in History.

After graduating college, she started off her career working at a financial services company where she taught new employees about telephone etiquette, mutual funds, and more. She enjoyed being able to help these people have more success in their profession, which led her to want to become a teacher.

After working at that company for a while, she was ready for a new adventure. Although it wasn’t highly popular, and slightly frowned upon at that time to choose teaching as a profession, Mrs. Miller set out to find a position.

She began by student teaching at Waltham High School, and after a couple months was on the hunt for a job. During that time, there were a very small number of local schools hiring. Ironically, one of the only places hiring was Westborough High School. To top it all off, there was a policy at the WHS that any alumni of the school would be guaranteed an interview. Mrs. Miller took up this opportunity with great determination. She interviewed, and as she hoped, she was hired. She began teaching at WHS in 1996.

Ever since, Mrs. Miller has enjoyed every second teaching at WHS.

Standout moments in her teaching career are: “When any student would come into my classroom and tell me they got into college because of me! It was very heartwarming to realize how much power students think teachers have.”

Mrs. Miller’s favorite part about being a teacher is the students. She loves spending time with them, watching them learn and interact with each other, and she appreciates the daily conversations she gets to have with them.

When she is not in the classroom she loves to hike, swim, and spend time with her family.

In 10 years from now, Mrs. Miller sees herself retired and living by a beach or a mountain.

If she had to pick one word to describe her experience as a teacher, she shares that teaching is ever changing.

“No year has ever been the same!” says Mrs. Miller.