WHS Alum Profile: Samantha Hogan ’19

Steph Hogan '23, Contributing Writer

Samantha Hogan is a 20-year old WHS student alumni currently attending Simmons University as a sophomore earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) with a minor in Health Informatics.

Hogan chose to pursue nursing because “I developed a passion for science throughout my time here at WHS.” She adds that she “knew she wanted a job that she was connected to the people she’s helping.”

This year Hogan started clinicals at Mass General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, where she is currently experiencing how to interact with patients and help them with daily tasks and will soon start administering medicine to patients. Hogan is hoping that all her hard work and effort will allow for her to take some time to experience being a travel nurse and eventually spend some time as a critical flight medicare transportator.

For now, Hogan is focusing on patient interaction and the “feeling of reward you get from the happiness of the patient.”

Adapting to hospital life for Hogan has been “pretty smooth” even with covid.

“It’s fast paced and you have to keep up or you’ll miss something, but they’re there to teach you, so it’s really focused on helping you adjust.” She says that “not having much prior experience made it easier with covid because I don’t know any different.”

Although, she is excited looking forward to days where she can interact with many more patients with no potential risk.

In addition to her academics Hogan is continuing to grow her passion for lacrosse on the field at Simmons. Hogan has been an avid lacrosse player for most of her life. Starting in third grade, she played through all four years here at WHS and now continues on the field for Simmons.

Hogan says that “playing a team sport while, lacrosse specifically, while focusing on academics has taught me accountability. Others are counting on me to contribute and help this team, as well as in the classroom.”“ She also comments, “it also has taught me how to lean on others when I need assistance, and not hold everything to myself and that goes both ways.”

Hogan closed with saying “it [lacrosse and academics] helps highlight what’s most important to me in my life and that’s being part of a team and being a part of something bigger than myself, and that reminds me to show up and work hard.”

When Hogan isn’t running around on the field or through the hospital floors, she finds herself either “exploring Boston like a tourist”, relaxing by the Charles River, or exploring new donut shops with her friends. They like to post reviews to their instagram account, Donut Dudes.

Looking back on her high school years, Hogan would recommend to her senior self, and anyone else going through high school to “breathe and make sure you create a schedule that allows you to enjoy these years.” To try not to “create a schedule with all AP and honors classes, so your schedule can allow time for fun activities.”

Hogans suggests going to sporting games, or her favorite, the “Friday night lights” because you don’t always get those experiences again after high school.”